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Comment Why not? (Score 1) 415

Original posted solution sounded like a fun--if not optimal--solution. I remember an ancient Word Perfect on Windoze 3.1 being more productive than later word processors over more modern computers. Why? Software developers (I'm guilty of being one) have accelerated their gobbling of memory and processor cycles over the years so much that the poor HW folks can't keep up...despite the later's impressive results. The result: page downs are still painfully slow. But hey, I can format the document in Vulcan XML. Thanks.

Comment Fewer embarrassing/career-fatal events (Score 1) 248

At least three times I've seen an off-color joke sent in a reply-all, that included a company-wide address in the list that the sender didn't notice. Once, I similarly received an excel file with all salaries (very small company).

Except for the caberet, I say 'good riddance' to reply-all.

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