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Comment Re:Corporate death penalty (Score 0) 59

You missed the point of Asimov's robot stories. The laws are in insufficient and don't work IRL. Also corporations exist first of all to enrich the owners and shareholders, all other functions are tangential to that goal.

You want this behaviour (patent trolling) actually to stop? The only thing that is required and that can work is to ban government from setting rules. All patent and copyright laws need to be abolished.

Comment Re:corruption, not victim compensation (Score 1) 52

From what I see on the Marshals' listings, the items being sold are forfeited pursuant to a final judgement from a suitable court. The proceeds are indeed listed as part of the judgement, and would therefore be distributed among the victims (possibly including the government itself) as any similar fine would.

Some jurisdictions may be abusing forfeiture for profit - and that's bad - but it's quite a leap to extrapolate that to all law enforcement agencies in the country, as some Slashdotters are quick to do.

It doesn't matter how or for what reason(s) the property was seized or what legal/procedural mechanism was involved.

Government should not profit. Proceeds from any and all seized property should go to non-governmental/non-government-affiliated charities.

Having judges/courts seize the property being sold, even upon a criminal conviction, rather than some street cop deciding that your money/house/car/etc broke the law simply moves the corruption up the ladder and further institutionalizes the problem.


Comment Re:Good quality memory (Score 3, Informative) 187

I think I'd avoid doing a torture test of a disk drive of any type, but especially an SSD. Technically you are wearing out the SSD which has a finite number of write cycles before it will stop working on you. Problem is, you don't really know how many cycles an SSD has, so you are just wasting your drive's life. Plus, SSD's slow down over time as they are used and the drive controller attempts to level the number of writes in each sector.

For memory, sure, test away, get the whole system good and hot, and make sure you don't see errors. But for SSD's buy them on sustained read/write rates and reputation. Also buy them bigger than you need and only use about 70% of the capacity, just don't try to exhaustively test them.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 0) 170

I was learning from a book. It's an item made of paper, it is of a rectangular shape with multiple pieces of paper of the same shape connected together in such a manner, that one can flip any piece of paper to look at either side of it and to move on to another piece of paper. On this paper there were various letters (similar to letters you would find in any online ad today) and also drawings. These letters and drawings were arranged in such a manner as to allow a person looking at them to sequentially retrieve pieces of information. The information retrieved from such a contraption was in a number of ways similar to what one can retrieve today by loading a page from any Wordpress site (or possibly even a Wiki site). Of-course on paper the hyperlinking could not be implemented in a feasible manner, so instead of clickable links there were textual references to other sources and that was definitely a shortcoming. On the other hand ad banners and kitty porn wasn't sprinkled throughout the pieces of paper (pages) and so it was easier to concentrate on the task of information retrieval.

Comment Re:Fantasy (Score 1) 211

No the fuss is there because the USA is trying to claim sovereignty of stuff in space by assigning ownership rules.

Sounds more like you want to benefit from other people's investment, risk, and labor for free (invest in your own damned space mining!). Or that you want to make all resources off the Earth forbidden for anyone to use which is Luddite in nature to the extreme.

I object on the grounds of the USA unilaterally extending its powers into space without reference to the rest of the world.

Nobody is going to declare the Moon or some other celestial body a US Territory or Possession. It specifically says that in the bill that was passed. All the bill that was passed says is that if you extract resources from some celestial body you keep what you've taken risk, invested large sums, and worked hard to obtain. It doesn't stop anyone else from setting up their own operation right 'next door', as it were.

You are objecting to fantasies that reside only in your mind.


Comment Re:Fantasy (Score 1) 211

I don't get what all of the fuss is about...

It'll probably take a million years for us to suck our solar system dry if not longer and by then we'll have colonized many other solar systems.

The fuss is because there are those who view humanity's very existence as a bad thing. Exploitation of resources in space extends humanity's time and allows for expansion and growth which they see as a bad thing.

The fuss is also about political power. Environmental groups who have used their political power to control if, how, how much, and by whom the Earth's limited natural resources are exploited as a political/economic weapon and means of control over populations see the exploitation of unlimited natural resources in space as eventually making their weapon powerless and destroying their ability to control populations.


Comment So... (Score 1) 31

So, if we can perfect small and sensitive pheromone sensors and install them on drone swarms, with a sample of an individual's pheromones they could be made to follow/target said individual, like for instance Putin or Obama.


I wonder if we'll start seeing FSB and SS agents following along behind said persons wherever they go, spraying cleaner/deodorizer or some other sort of pheromone-scrubbing chemicals and confiscating anything they touch in order to attempt to hide or obfuscate the unique pheromone trail these individuals leave wherever they go?


Comment Re:anti-business liberal scoring points (Score 0) 370

My answer to this is very simple actually, if there is no business case to go to Mars I don't want any government stealing money from people to go to Mars because at that point it is all it is: theft.

Eventually a business case for Mars may become real and then businesses will find a way to get there. Today it is likely not the case at all that there is any sort of ROI on going to Mars except for raising spirits of those, who want to see it happen.

Well, if the people who WANT to see it happen actually PAY for it by BUYING bonds that would pay for it, then a private business can do it without government! That's because a private business can print bonds that can be sold (tentatively) to people and if enough money is raised then actually collect the money and start building.

To do it otherwise is to steal, but that's nothing new, that's what all governments always do.

Comment linux based POS (Score 0) 94

One of the benefits and reasons why we build Linux based systems for retail chain management, store management, supply chain management, e-commerce and such is ability to secure against these types of attacks better. Beyond that we came up with a new way of protecting credit card information by tying it to the location of the user's phone, but we are not a nominal 'fintech' and those guys are too hard to approach (for now at least).

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