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Comment: Two things.... (Score 3, Insightful) 394

by bobbied (#47722327) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

1. A copy of the "Mythical Man Month" by Fredrick Brooks and being told to read it.

2. A set of closing prices for every stock on the NY exchange for the next 20 years with the advice to become an investment banker..

If #2 isn't possible, then sitting down with somebody who could explain that you get what you negotiate, not what you deserve, so don't settle for what you get.

Comment: Re:Pick a different job. (Score 1, Insightful) 394

Programmers are smart enough not to unionise, which allows newcomers into the field without these insane artificial barriers of entry.

Unions are barriers to entry into the field to any newcomers, unions are also horrific from point of view of price setting and prevent people who actually excel in the job from making significantly more than those who only coast by. Your complaint is a complaint of somebody who shouldn't have become a programmer in the first place, but also it is a complaint of a horrible person, who wants to prevent others from entering the field freely.

People shouldn't be licensed just to try and make a living, all professional government dictated licenses and participation in various organizations are a huge economic mistake but more importantly they are a huge impediment to individual freedoms.

Comment: Re:Zooooom! (Score 0) 185

Yes, it's in the platform in Texas.. SO? Such verbiage plays well here.

That does not make it a campaign. It's like saying this is what I would vote for repeal if given the chance. There are ZERO republicans out trying to push legislation to abolish the federal minimum wage, then basing their campaign on such actions. Would we prefer to do away with the minimum wage? Yep, already said that. but you said there was a republican campaign to repeal it, there is not, not even in Texas where it would play well.

The only people campaigning on this are democrats... Only they have to trump up this idea that republicans are actively out to abolish the minimum wage when it's not happening.

Comment: Re:Zooooom! (Score 1, Informative) 185

Exaggerate much? Republicans don't want to get rid of the minimum wage.

You should try paying attention.

"I think it's outlived its usefulness," said Rep. Joe Barton of Texas. "It may have been of some value back in the Great Depression. I would vote to repeal the minimum wage."

You should use the whole quote too:

It's particularly unpalatable for Republicans, as the majority of them oppose to raising the minimum wage at all. "I think it's outlived its usefulness," said Rep. Joe Barton of Texas. "It may have been of some value back in the Great Depression. I would vote to repeal the minimum wage."

I'd vote to get rid of it it too, but I'm not running a campaign to repeal it. Joe Barton isn't campaigning to repeal it either. You are claiming republicans campaign to get rid of it. Big difference. There is no campaign by republicans to get rid of it.

Comment: Re:Zooooom! (Score 1, Informative) 185

Watch Republicans campaign again to get rid of the minimum wage.

Exaggerate much? Republicans don't wan to get rid of the minimum wage. Why would anybody campaign to get rid of the minimum wage? It would be stupid to just out and hand the democrats a loaded guy and say "Shoot me in the face!" trying to get rid of the minimum wage.

This republican knows of nobody trying to get rid of the minimum wage and I dare say you don't either.

BUT, that's not to say the democrats are not manufacturing such outrageous claims about republicans (i.e. lying about republicans intent) and turn the opposition of RAISING the minimum wage into something it's not.

Comment: Re:The Real question then is... (Score 2) 185

Last 6 years? The economy has been stagnated long before that. We had declining job growth since roughly 2005 and wages haven't kept pace for nearly 2 decades.

Not arguing that. But the last 6 have been pretty bad and the only experience most of the readers of Shashdot generally have.

Comment: The Real question then is... (Score 2) 185

Are we in a race to the bottom or the top?

If manufacturing's biggest variable cost is labor, companies will flock to the place where their variable costs are the lowest.

So, the question is, have we started to reach wage parity now by virtue of wage reductions in the USA (race to the bottom) or the fact that wages in places like China have reached parity?

IMHO, it's both. The standard of living here in the USA has stagnated just like the last 6 years of the economy and the demands of labor outside the USA has driven costs up. But we are severely limited in this country because we face a huge increase in energy costs once the economy starts to actually do more than tread water. Manufacturing won't return, not yet.

Comment: Re:What devices *don't* have security flaws? (Score 1) 141

by bobbied (#47715937) Attached to: Researchers Find Security Flaws In Backscatter X-ray Scanners

At this point nobody's going to be surprised if any device tested has blatant security flaws. The only interesting story would be if someone found a device with no actual flaws. That would be news.

A machine without flaws? No, that just means it wasn't tested well enough.

Comment: Re:Easy (Score 1) 630

by bobbied (#47715863) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Which seems like a good idea to me, except for the following list of requirements..

Will it run window's apps? You are doing to have to support running miscellaneous windows applications fairly well, up front. Things like Turbo Tax, Quicken, old games and the like will just need to work, out of the box, and not require special knowledge to install. Dorking around with Wine should NOT be required.

What apps will it come with? It's going to need to have a fairly complete stable of applications, starting with Office. They are going to need to look and feel almost exactly like Microsoft's offerings and do everything Office does and more.

Will it infringe on somebodies IP? I'm sure Microsoft has some kind of IP or patent on the look and feel or something they can use to drag the project over the coals and kill it.

If you do this, PLEASE use Apache licensed stuff!

Comment: Re:Torvalds is true to form.... (Score 1) 630

by bobbied (#47715729) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

As the GP said though, what does that have to do with Linus and his kernel?

Nothing apparently.

Linus is blaming somebody else for Linux not taking the desktop, this is not to say he's not right, it's just amusing that he would blame others and tells me he's not interested in helping with the solution.

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