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Comment Re:iPad too fucking expensive (Score 1) 139 139

People were saying that same tripe back when agriculture was being mechanized.

Back around the year 1800 about 90% of the population was involved in agriculture. Today it is about 2%. Last I checked we do not have an 88% unemployment rate.

What you are professing is what is known as the "Lump of Labor" fallacy. It has been recognized as a fallacy for only a couple hundred years and it is amazing how otherwise intelligent people keep spewing economic gibberish.

Labor will be rearranged to other avenues and other uses. The problem arises when artificial constraints, government mainly, prevent that reorganization of labor though bailouts, government guarantees, and regulation. As someone who claims to work in a small business you should be painfully aware of the minefield of regulations that exist against anyone who employs another person in their business.

Comment Re:What it means: (Score 1) 254 254

He has pointed out the FACT that men and women are different and make different choices based on those differences and this is somehow sexist?

What next? Are you going to say that the fact that White people sunburn easier than Black people is also racist?

That the fact that the sky is blue is discriminatory against colorblind people?

Guess what? Life isn't fair. Never was and never will be. The sooner a person realizes that, the sooner a person can start looking at what can be done to make the world a better place and what is simply a pie in the sky fantasy..

Comment Re:Please take your ignorant attitude somewhere el (Score 1) 132 132

Why do people like you see ignorance as a virtue?

If a person kept a child from learning to talk we would see that as abuse and neglect.

If a person kept a child from learning to read we would see that as abuse and neglect.

When a person willfully neglects from learning the local language of the place they live, that is them neglecting themselves.

People who willfully neglect to take care of those they are responsible for are rightfully looked down upon in effectively every society. Those who willfully neglect themselves in such fundamental ways are within that category and worthy of the utmost contempt.

Comment Re:A joke? (Score 1) 647 647

Implement a stable hardware/driver ABI and video card manufacturers will code a driver for it without too much asking. Keep your broken-ass monkey-code driver model, that has no stability and requires modification to work between even minor releases, and don't be surprised when video card manufacturers show token support at best and give you the finger at worst. No they are not gonna open source their code because there often is code that is not theirs to give that is subject to a NDA. They are also not gonna continue supporting hardware that went off the market years ago with updates.

This isn't rocket science. BSD has video drivers that work quite nicely and don't break between updates. Linux is stuck using a driver model that is so old Windows 95 is cutting edge compared to it.

Too bad Shuttleworth didn't put his money towards BSD because some REAL progress would have been made instead of flushed down a toilet.

If you want Linux to be a religion, then fine. Just stop trying to claim that it can compete with anything other than Windows 98 and we'll stop mocking you for it's hilariously bad and obsolete design choices.

Comment Re:A joke? (Score 0) 647 647

Quit repeating BS that was last true under Windows 98. Windows 2000 was rock solid over a decade ago and infections since Windows 7 came out over 5 years ago are mostly down to user stupidity than the operating system, see the number of Android device infections. Even my mom, who can't program a VCR, would see your bullshiat.

The numbers don't lie and Linux remains statistically less used than the margin of error. The amateur hour monkey code just does not cut it even against Windows XP.

Comment Re:Alternative? (Score 1) 377 377

Nothing new there. Those sorts of things have been done before. The proof is in the pudding and even the article admits that they aren't even to the point that they are selling anything yet. Get back to me when they're turning a profit. Looking at the massive amounts of artificial lighting required in the photos I'm not that enthusiastic about their chances. Interesting how that article claims the system is "organic". In the US that particular system would NOT be considered an organic operation.

I'll repeat the same point as before, that tech is not cost effective vs conventional arming methods and YOU asserted that it WAS when you replied to:

And Big Ag doesn't just feed hippies, it feeds the world, and there currently isn't any good substitute for it.


Bullshit. We have plenty of alternatives to chemical-intensive agriculture. From vertical farming methods to advanced hydroponics methods that can reduce water AND nutrient requirements by 95% and 60% respectively.

Your hydroponics are not an alternative since they are too expensive to actually "feed the world" and I was correct to call bullshiat on your assertion. I think people reading this will be able to see who the winner is here.

Comment Re:Alternative? (Score 1) 377 377

"Were those installs hydroponics or vertical farms?"

Vertically stacked NFT *IS* hydroponics.

Vertical farms and hydroponics have two completely different meanings here in the US, sorry for the misunderstanding.

"What crops?"

Lettuce, fodder grasses, tomatoes, peppers, typical crops.

"What size instillation?"

1/8 acre building.

"What is their yield?"

Depends on the crop. On average we yield 1 acre worth in 1/8 of an acre growing fodder grasses for livestock.

That's all? All that effort and you can only do 8 times better than driving over a field a few times with a tractor towing various implements? (Yes it's a bit more complicated than that I know, but far simpler to what you've got going on.)

" What is the cost per bushel?"

Depends on the crop, oh and the rest of the world doesn't go by bushel, they tend to go by the kilogram.

So what? A lot of French people don't speak any English either. In the US we use bushels for quite a few things, Stay on topic.

Let's take fodder grass, since I'm already on that crop. Roughly $0.50 USD per kilogram. The grass is also grown using a special zero-light technology which the BBC has covered.

Thank you for admitting what I already knew, your high-tech hydroponics is several times more expensive than other more common livestock feeds. So it's no alternative, it's a supplement at best.

"What sort of pest control regimen do you use?"

Most of the buildings are sealed with clean room entrances (the original building in the UK does not have a clean room entrance as it was a prototype/POC building.) Pest control is never an issue. Fungal/mold control is, and we use UV-C LED lighting to treat that, along with ozone generators.

I know farm chemicals can be expensive, but I can't imagine how much all that costs. One screw-up and you'll be looking at total losses. It's bad enough in greenhouses when it happens.

"You'll know those numbers or ones close to it if you are who you say you are, which I don't believe you are."

Meanwhile, in the real world, I keep on designing and testing while you sit around in disbelief and ignorance.

You're the one that hung yourself here.

Nope, you've got that rope GOOOOOD and tight around your own throat there buddy. I never denied what you were saying COULD be built. My contention has always been that the schemes you seem so proud of are not economically viable vs far more conventional, which is what you asserted when replying to sideslash. I've met people who build those sorts of setups themselves, but they do it as a hobby for the challenge and readily admit that such methods of production are uneconomical. That and fresh local produce in Febuary.

On a Mars Colony that tech would be absolutely invaluable. Here on Earth it's an economic dead end unless a comet hits the planet and we all have to live in bunkers for the next 300 years. But as long as it's only private investors burning their money I have no issue with it.

Comment Re:Alternative? (Score 1) 377 377

Uhhh, what was your inane argument, again?

Just giving you more rope to hang yourself with.

Were those installs hydroponics or vertical farms? What crops? What size instillation? What is their yield? What is the cost per bushel? What sort of pest control regimen do you use?

You'll know those numbers or ones close to it if you are who you say you are, which I don't believe you are. I think you're just another crackpot who doesn't know hay from straw but think you can fee the world on rainbows and fairy dust. (But hey, I've been wrong before.) You made an obvious mistake that gave you away, but I'm not gonna tell you what it is just yet?

Comment Re:Alternative? (Score 1) 377 377

" And Big Ag doesn't just feed hippies, it feeds the world, and there currently isn't any good substitute for it."

Bullshit. We have plenty of alternatives to chemical-intensive agriculture. From vertical farming methods to advanced hydroponics methods that can reduce water AND nutrient requirements by 95% and 60% respectively.

~former research director for international horticultural company

How about cost effective alternatives? Methods that don't require the poor starve to death because your sci-fi bullshiat costs so much compared to planting seed in a field.

If your alternatives really were cost effective alternatives, where are the large scale operations producing food and selling it for less than the "chemical-intensive agriculture"?

Comment Re:The biggest risk to the pyramids is Islam (Score 1) 246 246

You mean like the 100+ million dead due to Marxist Atheism in the 20th century? No god, no life after death, if we have to slaughter tens of millions of dissidents to achieve the Socialist paradise, why shouldn't we? It's for the common good. If they rebel and are at my door, I put a pistol in my mouth and get away scot free for what I have done. We all have to die sometime, it ultimately makes no difference if it's tomorrow or a century from now if Atheism is true.

Saying you want to get rid of religion is as absurd and inane as saying you want to get rid of numbers. "Religion" is just a fancy name for "worldview" and EVERYONE has one in some form or the other, you HAVE to if you expect to survive. In order to function in this world, every person has to put together some interpretation of the world around them so they can think on a higher level than that of a dog. Some worldviews believe the universe is fundamentally chaotic, some believe it is orderly, some believe reality is real, some believe it is an illusion, some are atheistic, some theist, some pantheistic. Atheism is just as much a worldview as Christianity, Islam, Roman Paganism, etc, etc, etc.

And I would be happy to accept having the best historical copies of each locked in a bunker somewhere for historians to study except we have seen where that leads, the Catholic church.

At this point in my life, seeing someone so proudly wear their ignorance on their sleeve just brings a smile to my face.

For the first 300 years of Christianity, the authorities did everything they could to wipe out Christianity. For those first 300 years the church had no authority to go after any heretical writings in any way other than strongly worded letters and had no idea who had copies and where they were. The Gospels and Letters were copied independently and sometimes haphazardly by inexperienced amateur copyists. Thankfully, in the last ~100 years there have been over 20,000 early manuscripts found and with so many copies it is trivial to find where all the errors are, most of which are simple spelling and word order changes. Almost the entire new testament has been reconstructed from fragments from before 300 AD. Other more complete manuscripts which agree with these earlier fragments have been dated to the fourth and fifth centuries. Had the Church done any editing it would have shown up as discrepancies in the pre-300 AD manuscripts. Critics for years accused the church of editing the Old Testament to fit the life of Jesus. The Dead Sea Scrolls put down that theory decades ago and likewise with the early manuscript evidence.

Even in cases where there WAS editing of non-scriptural texts, like with Josephus's mention of Jesus in "Antiquities of the Jews" where "he was believed to be Christ" was edited into "he was Christ", we STILL have managed to find copies in Arabic and Syriac that have the original text intact. The critics for years claimed that the Josephus mention of Jesus was an outright forgery, others claimed that it was original, but was clearly edited with a pro-Christian spin since Josephus never converted to Christianity. Textual criticism has clearly put the passage as "original, but edited" thanks to the hard work of countless researchers. Those wanting to do the same, but to the detriment of Christianity have tried for literally centuries, but continue to come up empty handed.

20th century Textual Criticism has the New Testament figured out to 99.9% accuracy. Any errors or ambiguities that remain have no theological significance. There's more errors to be found in many English translations than there exist between the original Greek and the Greek that was written 2000 years ago. Even more errors are caused by ignorance of 1st century Jewish and Roman culture, which is not always intentional given that most records from that time have not survived. Pontius Pilate, a high ranking official in the Roman government virtually disappears from the historical record without Josephus and the New Testament texts, that much has been lost from the 1st century. We are at the mercy of whatever has survived, often by accident. Technological masterpieces like the Antikythera Mechanism were accidentally lost for milenia until someone found the remains of one in a shipwreck. Apply the standards that critics apply to the New Testament texts to other texts from antiquity and you will find you are left with nothing whatsoever.

Not expecting to convince you, just pointing out what Twisted Sister said years ago, "If that's your best, your best won't do." You might concern some people who treat church as little more than a social club, but that's about it. As someone who genuinely investigated the pros and cons of Christianity and other worldviews, you're chucking peanuts at a battleship. People have managed to stump me before and I've gone and looked around and found possible and acceptable answers to their objection, but you're nowhere close. It's getting to the point I can just copy/paste responses I've used elsewhere.

Comment Re:Mod parent UP please (Score 1) 727 727

As long as Microsoft prices server licenses stupidly, Torvalds and company are gonna be able to get away with their amateur hour politics.

Like you, I don't care if it's Linux, BSD, or whatever else come around. I, like every other mainstream user, just wants the dammed thing to work when I hit the power button like I expect my car to work when I turn the key.

Perhaps the best thing that could happen is for MS to get competitive on the server side and Torvalds and company find server companies are no longer willing to put up with their crap. Who knows, perhaps something comes out of left field; IBM, with the bad rep of the 80s forgotten, sinks some money into BSD and gets a foothold in the desktop market? Crazier things have happened.

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