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Comment Idiot Bosses (Score 1) 335

Idiot bosses are probably the top reason for work-place dissatisfaction (at least outside of pay). I wish more organizations would pay attention to this issue, and seek more lower-level feedback and correctional measures.

As long as a given boss "looks" fine (or kisses up) to their superiors, they can get away with crapping on underlings.

Comment Horn-E-Tron (Score 4, Interesting) 301

In the 90's I built a kind of porn version of Eliza, but I never went through with the plans to put it live, perhaps out of shame.

I wasn't going to claim they were real women, just put it on the web and sell ad space or clicks. Customers can't sue me if they didn't pay anything

The women were implied to be "foreign" via hazy decorative images, to explain their limited grasp of English. I planned to study the dialogs with customers and improve it over time, or at least mix things up to seem more organic.

I had "rule" tables with probabilities, not unlike a Markov chain, and a kind of crude conceptual model of the human body to prevent unrealistic combinations. "Silly boy, my [x] cannot reach my [y]. I'm not that rubber dummy you like so much. I taste better." I also had a phrase tracker to prevent excessive duplication. (Maybe I should've sold it to the Slashdot Dupe Story Inspection Department :-)

Comment Re:Free speech hundreds of miles out in the desert (Score 1) 184

I do no think I know of a 4th of July celebration without law enforcement present. The larger the gathering the more cops and at a certain point the use of secret police and electronic intelligence. I haven't been to one but I bet that the 4th of July events in HY, LA, Boston, and other major cities are closely watched. ANd in some of the ones I have been to illegal drug use was tolerated if it was low level.

Comment Bad trend (Score 1) 41

Are smartphones going to become like PC's such that malware scanners will have to scan them 24/7 and make them slow to crawl and use up all the battery? Some blame this on Windows' design, but it seems the more ubiquitous an OS, the more its targeted by malware makers, often by dangling tainted carrots in front of users.

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