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by CronoCloud (#48166003) Attached to: Torvalds: I Made Community-Building Mistakes With Linux

Problem is, in the open source world, people don't like being told what to do. In fact, many open source programmers work on open source so they can choose their itch. So they get upset when told, "we don't need this we need that."

Even users see that sort of reaction when they make suggestions to open source developers with The Gimp and Gaim/pidgin.

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by CronoCloud (#48165981) Attached to: Torvalds: I Made Community-Building Mistakes With Linux

Even Stallman says there's nothing wrong in paying someone to fix something in open source.

If I'm going to pay someone to program, then it doesn't matter whether the source is open to me or not, does it. There's no difference to the end user between a closed source program that fills their needs and an open source one t hat does the same thing.

THAT is what some Open Source/FSF zealots don't understand. Since the vast majority of people aren't programmers, the source doesn't matter. Sure a few guys upset that their printer didn't work on their mainframe might, but to the rest of us... The free as in beer matters more than the free as in speech.

Hell, I'd lay odds Torvald's real reason for creating Linux was not just to get past the limitations of Minix, but because he wanted a Unix on his own machine and he couldn't afford Xenix!

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by CronoCloud (#48148339) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

I was lucky enough to be able to retire (mostly) just after my 50th birthday, and let me tell you, my skills have since gone through the roof.

Lucky guy. I'm not the greatest gamer, but I have found when I watch game streams on twitch/ustream I do a similar thing to the sports fans screaming at the TV.

"Gaaaah! Why haven't you secured your minecraft build spot, that creeper showed up because you don't have torches and walls up! Why are you heading out into that forest at NIGHT! Build a tree farm inside walls so you can get wood safely 24/7. GAAAAH DON"T eat apples, save them!"

Now, my main problem is that I play at a time when most people near me are working, so most of the gamers I encounter are half a world away. Thankfully, broadband speeds are such that it hasn't been too much of a problem.

Ditto, I work overnights so I usually play at times that are non-primetime US. I'm 47 myself. I don't do PC games much, other than Second Life and a bit of Star Trek Online now and then, I do my gaming on the PS3/PS4/Vita.

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Sorry for the late reply, but I also play STO and I did indeed have to tweak my settings down some in order to not have a slideshow in some of the 10 and 20 player PvE queues (not to mention the Undine space battlezone which drags my GPU to its knees).

Somethings up with STO, it should perform better than it does. It's fine for a while then degrades over time. It used to be better even on low end hardware (I once had a GT220, another nice little HTPC centric card for the time) Maybe it's a WINE issue, but the system requirements aren't that high, your 765m (or my 640 for that matter) shouldn't have any trouble with both easily exceeding the recommended requirements let alone the minimum

Grumbles about lack of optimization.

I guess I could have gone for a 780M, but laptops with those were significantly more expensive at the time.

That's why I have a 640, it's enough oomph for my uses, without breaking the bank, especially since I run at 1920x1080.

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Doesn't matter, it's still only 384 shader cores, which is crap. You won't be running any games made within the past five years on that GPU well, if at all.

I think you're exaggerating there quite a bit. Then again, I don't game on the GT640, that's what the PS3 and PS4 are for. (the PC runs Linux, the GT640 is for Second Life and the occasional foray into STO. HTPC centric cards are popular among Linux users)

My laptop's GTX 765M is twice as powerful as your GT 640 with two and a half times the VRAM

two and a half? 765M's only come with 2GB, my GT640 rev 2 has 1GB. That's not two and a half.

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I get mail from Navy friends signed with a DOD-issued cert, and we can communicate securely with no difficulty at all. I got my 70-year-old mother using it on her iPad, no problems. I'm astounded that it isn't more popular.

The cert thing is the problem, because the cert is usually installed into the web browser and then you have to export it from there and then import into the client. Then thre is getting the pubkeys. S/MIME doesn't use keyservers so basically to send someone an encrypted mail, they have to send you a signed mail first.

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My key mentions an ISP (email addy) I haven't used in a couple of decades. How to fix? Revoke old key then release a new one. Er, how, exactly?

Via some quick googling:

Generate the revoke certificate (you can keep this stored until you need it)

  gpg --output revoke.asc --gen-revoke KEYID

Import the revoke certificate when you want to revoke the key.

gpg --import revoke.asc

Send the updated pubkey to the keyservers.

gpg --keyserver KEYSERVER_ADDRESS --send-keys KEYID

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You did it on the PS3 until Sony decided to reach into your house and take that feature away from you.

They didn't reach into my house. I had to decide to update, and confirm it, twice. I could have chosen not to update...and in fact I did wait a couple of weeks before doing so. Yes, access to PSN access is lost if you don't, but if OtherOS means that much to someone, they probably aren't using their PS3 for games much.

But you can't complain, because you knew it was underpowered six months before you bought your PS4, on the day they announced the specs.

Underpowered compared to what? Sure, I expected the CPU cores would faster, but it costs $399. I also expected 4GB of RAM and not 8GB of GDDR5 You cannot buy the same specs for $399. Go on, head to the mass market retailers that carry the PS4, and find me a the same specs for the same price.

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