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Comment: IDA Pro violates GPL (Score 2, Interesting) 85

by CriticalHedonist (#25559175) Attached to: The IDA Pro Book

While browsing IDA Pro product
pages at
I noticed that there are downloads for two libraries that IDA seems to use:

  Linux TVision port for the IDA Interface - source code (updated 20/11/2007)

This download is password protected, but seems it is a copy of
Linux TVision - which is under GPL.

Another and more obvious their problem is:

  Wingraph v 1.03: source code the Wingraph we use and modified (GPL).
(updated 25/08/2004)

Which is available for actual downloading and is nothing more than VCG library
A Visualization Tool for compiler graphs
Copyright (C) 1993--1995 by Iris Lemke, Georg Sander, and the Compare Consortium
Which is distributed under GPL v2

The sources also contain the following text:

  * WinGraph32 - Graph Visualization Program
  * Version 1.0
  * The WIN32 interface written by Ilfak Guilfanov. (
  * This program is under GPL (GNU General Public License)
  * It is based on the VCG tool written by Georg Sander and Iris Lemke

Seems that IDA author (Ilfak Guilfanov) does not understand GPL terms.

I notified all related parties, as well as on March 21, 2008.
But nothing happened.

The only reply I got was from Linux TVision author, where he says IDA seem to use modified GPL code.

There is no distinction between any AI program and some existent game.