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Comment It needs lots of enemies (Score 2) 71

The original Doom games were noteworthy for having big levels that contained lots and lots of enemies. I haven't played Doom 3, but I've heard that it has much more beautiful 3D graphics, and as a result you would be attacked by only a few monsters at a time (because too many would overwhelm the graphics adapters that were current when that game came out).

My favorite thing in the the original Doom games was getting the monsters to fight each other. If you could get an Imp so hit a Cacodemon with a fireball, for example, the two would get into a fight. Frequently I would lure some monster into the line of fire and as soon as it was hit, it would forget about me and go kill whatever monster hit it. This is more fun to me than just shooting everything. I hope the new game has this.

The specific rules: monster special attacks don't hurt other monsters of the exact same type... for example, Imp fireballs don't hurt Imps. But the zombie soldiers shoot bullets and bullets hurt anything, so you could get soldiers to fight each other. And anytime a monster hit a different kind of monster it would do damage.

P.S. Doom modified as a way to control processses on a system. Kill a process with a shotgun!

One side-effect of this is that processes on a system can get into a fight with each other. Two processes enter, one leaves. Not recommended for critical systems.

Comment Two opposed postions on abortion, both libertarian (Score 2) 433

If you say something about my freedom stopping at his nose, then I remind you that the baby's right to live stops at the aborter's saline injection, scraping blade, etc.

libertarians might agree that abortion should be illegal, and might not. I'll explain why:

The core of libertarian philosophy: force and fraud are not acceptable, but as long as people are free to choose, the state shouldn't intervene.

Thus a libertarian would not be in favor of the state forbidding drugs like alcohol or tobacco or marijuana. If a person chooses to use such drugs it is his/her choice.

But a libertarian would agree that murder should be illegal.

So it comes down to: is an abortion murder?

libertarians who believe that life begins at conception, and even a one-week-old embryo counts as a person, would believe that abortion is murder, and thus should be illegal.

libertarians who believe that an embryo isn't a person yet would believe that abortion should be the choice of the mother.

The question of whether an embryo is a person is not one that is decided by libertarian philosophy, and thus two people who are libertarians might have opposite opinions.

All libertarians would agree that the state should not be using tax money to fund abortions. Some libertarians think the state should be very small, and others (the "anarcho-capitalists") want no state at all; none would consider funding abortions to be a legitimate function for the state.

P.S. I read an essay by Carl Sagan where he suggested that before brain activity starts up, a fetus is not a person, but after the brain is functioning it should be considered an unborn person. IIRC he said that is about the third trimester. (Note, I did a Google search and found one web page saying brain activity starts around 25 weeks, which would be early third trimester.)

Comment Re:the point (Score 5, Informative) 129

The point of Docker is to have a single package ("container") that contains all of its dependencies, running in isolation from any other Docker containers. Since the container is self-contained, it can be run on any Docker host. For example, if you have some wacky old program that only runs on one particular set of library versions, it might be hard for you to get the Docker container just right to make it run; but once you do, that container will Just Work everywhere, and updating packages on the host won't break it.

The point of the news story is that someone did a better job of stripping the container down, removing libraries and such that were not true dependencies (weren't truly needed).

Not only does this make for smaller containers, but it should reduce the attack surface, by removing resources that are available inside the container. For example, if someone finds a security flaw in library libfoo, this would protect against that security flaw by removing libfoo when it is not needed. It's pretty hard for an exploit to call code in a library if the library isn't present. Also, presumably all development tools and even things like command-line shells would be stripped out. Thus a successful attacker might gain control over a docker container instance, but would have no way to escalate privileges any further.

If the stated numbers are correct (a 644 MB container went down to 29 MB) yet the new small package still works, then clearly there is a lot of unnecessary stuff in that standard 644 MB container.

Comment Re:What about their web site designers? (Score 1) 217

What happens often is that executives devote so much time, energy, and ego into their whizbang ideas that if it doesn't fly well in practice, they are still emotionally attached to it. They don't have the objectivity to flush it and start over, because that's a sudden admission of failure. They'd rather take the news of failure gradually.

Comment Re:And it's irrelevant [Conspiracies] (Score 1) 634

The last thing she needs is more conspiracy theories surrounding her. One part of her is probably glad she won all six tosses, but another is thinking, "Oh great, yet another #@!% conspiracy I gotta keep answering reporters about."

I bet Fox hopes she goes all the way because it will save them a ton of money by reusing 1990's conspiracies and spin. They could fire most their staff and just replay and reread the 90's.

Comment Re:I wish news organizations would press her harde (Score 1) 571

Hillary gave a press release somewhere (I can't find the link) shortly after that revelation where she said that cleaning the emails of their classified parts so that the unclassified portions could be distributed was a common practice, and her aide knew exactly what she meant. Her "remove heading" wording was merely shorthand, according to her, and that the aide was a fastidious person when it came to knowing how to clean per guidelines.

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