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Comment: Re:Good idea (Score 1) 1251 1251

"Theory of Gravity" perhaps? Science still hasn't figured out just what gravity is, only the mechanics of its function. You're certainly welcome to suggest that the existing theory of gravity is wrong and should be replaced with "Intelligent Falling" for example, but you'd have a high hurdle to overcome.

Comment: Re:What Advertisers Don't Understand (Score 1) 66 66

You say you don't want an advert for a funeral home appearing next to your picture of grandma, but then, what -is- the right context in which to advertise a funeral home? Next to a picture of people smoking and drinking? Your beautiful mountain landscape? The picture of -grandpa- in a casket?

Or, do people not need to know about what funeral homes are around and available? The purpose of the ad might not be to get you to buy two caskets now, but instead to get you to remember the funeral house when the time comes that you need them.

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