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Comment Re:Nukes are safer than coal. (Score 2) 210

You have to also balance the thousands of square miles of radioactive wasteland that currently exist

Which "thousands of square miles of radioactive wasteland" would that be?

That certainly doesn't describe the area around Chernobyl, which is basically forest like it's always been, with a few people plus a large amount of the usual wildlife.

Fukushima? Nope, no radioactive wasteland there either.

Closest I can come to finding a "radioactive wasteland" on Earth today are coal-ash heaps outside coal plants. Pretty much nothing grows,and the solid radioisotopes make it as close to a "radioactive wasteland" as you'll find on Earth today....

Comment Re:this is propaganda at work (Score 1) 139

It should also be noted from TFA that ~90% of birds have eaten plastic now.

So what the article is really saying is that the number of birds eating plastic will have risen 10% in the next 35 years.

Somehow I don't think that that's going to be that big a deal.

Never mind that the "garbage patches" aren't places that most birds ever see, so the concentration of plastic there is irrelevant.

Comment Re:A-10 for the Win (Score 1) 466

That's the problem right there: the Warthog is beloved by the Army troops, and that's why the Air Force generals hate it so.


Since even before the inception of the Air Force (it was the Army Air Corps in WW2), they've just hated the idea of having to actually support the guys on the ground.

Hell, they're still pissed that helicopters aren't restricted to the Air Force only - think of all those Army choppers helping the grunts in the field....

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 466

A jdam is a complete package of dumb bomb, sensors and guidance package. Think of it as the short range JSOW (all of the above + large fins that let it glide long range to target. Source - I'm a former EOD tech.

So we should report you? Or can you cite non-classified materials?

Hmm, seems to me this was mentioned in some of Tom Clancy's books back in the day. I seriously doubt it's classified if it's mentioned in a best-selling novel almost as old as some of the pilots...

Come to that, it's in the wikipedia article as well.

Comment Re:Germany does have a unique history (Score 1) 713

Umm, might want to go to one of the Concentration Camps. 40 years or so ago, when I went to high school as an American dependent in Germany, field trips to Concentration Camps were a standard part of the school year.

The displays didn't actually leave much to the imagination. Enough that there were a few people upchucking during the tour....

Comment Re:It should be noted... (Score 1) 150

...that Obama can stop this with a simple phone call.

Yep, her sure can. The fact that he hasn't in six+ years speaks volumes.

And he can make sure it doesn't happen again with a stroke of his E.O. Pen.

Umm, no. Actually he can't.

Yes, he can make an Executive Order making this go away, if he chooses.

Alas, the next President (or even Obama himself, afterwards) can make an Executive Order allowing this to restart. One President's Executive Orders are not binding on later Presidents if they choose to use their own Executive Order powers....

Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 1) 254

If the results of an experiment are due to an error, then the conclusion of the experiment is invalid.

So, how does one go about proving that the ORIGINAL results were the result of an error, as opposed to the later results meant to verify the original results?

C'mon, it's just as likely that an error was introduced in newer code than that one was fixed....

Comment Re:Congratulations India! (Score 1) 89

And if you can launch a satellite into geostationary, you can launch a MIRV'd ICBM against any really large country that might threaten you.

Umm...if you can launch a satellite into LEO you can do the ICBM thing. Or even a FOBS. Doesn't take geostationary orbital capability.

Note that India has been capable of reaching LEO since 1980.

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