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Comment: Re:old tech (Score 1) 165

by Crimey McBiggles (#46750873) Attached to: Reviving a Commodore 64 Computer Using a Raspberry Pi
Maybe there were, maybe there weren't. Point is, now days it's relatively easy for a shit programmer to get their shit app plastered all over the 'net and downloaded into a million smartphones. Back then, if your program sucked, no one would bother redistributing it, since it required floppy disks and physical action. Ergo, those shit programmers never got recognized, and those programmers who could cook up something pretty sick within 64K of RAM got mad street credit because it was actually impressive in the very real sense of the word.

Comment: Re:Don't blame others for user error. (Score 1) 394

by Crimey McBiggles (#46567899) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model S Pedal Placement A Safety Hazard?
When it comes to cars, it's an established industry with nearly all of the UX design kinks having been already ironed out over the past century. If there's a new car on the market and the driver makes an error, AND the driver is somewhat experienced, I think it's safe to say the design isn't as accommodating or standardized as it needs to be.

Comment: Re:Easiest way to change how they drive... (Score 1) 144

by Crimey McBiggles (#46516423) Attached to: Lit Motors, Danny Kim, and Changing How Americans Drive

Define "easy". Last I checked, it requires a lot of public funding for road restructuring projects, whereas vehicles are sold on the open market to individuals.

Not exactly disagreeing with your point, though... there are many MANY examples of terrible traffic patterns in my town alone.

Comment: Re:How is presenting all theories a problem? (Score 5, Informative) 665

No one said anything about "provable" above. You seem confused between "provable" and "testable". Evolution as an origin of species is certainly testable, as we have built models from fossil records into which archaeological findings seem to fit nicely. Intelligent Design is a lost cause from the get-go, as it relies on the absence of evidence to insist upon the point that "you gotta believe" that we were created in our present form, and evolution from ape to human never occurred... because you know... some people find it threatening to think their ancestors might have been apes.

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