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Comment Re:The one they always overlook (Score 1) 454

I'd hardly call 1,440,000 km/h "slowly" (the 400 km/sec were traveling towards the Andromeda Galaxy) but I totally agree.
Now if the Delorean were also capable of space travel it would make traveling to far off places easier and more dangerous if your calculations are off by the slightest bit

Comment Re:So fast, so dangerous (Score 1) 139

sure it does, but Rods/Hogshead is a measument of distance over liquid volume.

according to wiki with regards to Grandpa Simpson's hatred of the metric system:
  "My car gets forty rods to the hogshead, and that's the way I likes it!" This cannot be translated precisely into standard units due to variations in the definition of hogshead, but is roughly 500 U.S. gallons per mile, or about 1.2 litres per metre. In units more normal for this purpose, it is 0.002 miles per gallon (or about 10.5 feet per gallon) or 120,000 L/100 km.

Comment Re:You mean "Coldest Naturally Occurring Spot" (Score 4, Informative) 108

no where on that page does it say that they have made it to absolute zero... infact:

Physicists acknowledge they can never reach the coldest conceivable temperature, known as absolute zero and long ago calculated to be minus 459.67F.

Comment wow (Score 2, Insightful) 383

For all of us so far its part of a sight that has never changed as much as the naked eye could tell, and yet to have it possibly change... it would be cool to see, but disappointing at the same time. What I'm wondering now is not how this will affect us, but how it would affect the potential life forms out in that area of the universe, if any at all... to someone or something out there is this the end of all life as they know it? the start of a new change if the ability to move civilizations has become a reality for them? or will this be just a dot in everyone's night sky that goes out, only to be recorded in history, but never having too much of an effect on anything major?

Statistics means never having to say you're certain.