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Comment: Re:BUT YOU DON"T SHARE YOUR OWN AND ONLY _________ (Score 1) 528

by Creepy Crawler (#38586030) Attached to: US Survey Shows Piracy Common and Accepted

Note that the ancient Greeks had a form of copyright(?) on recipes on food made for the public. Once a new food was made, the chef had a 1 year license to make that specific dish before others could copy him/her.

Unfortunately, the source for this is at IU Bloomington's Lilly library. I do not recall the book at this time.

Comment: Re:So what? (Score 1) 271

by Creepy Crawler (#37611984) Attached to: Sony Bringing PSN Pass To All First-Party Games

"Microsoft doesn't let you use product codes more than once because they'd lose money if you re-use their product."

That's why many of my cheaper clients use Linux for basic computing needs. And it is also the reason I am fluent in dealing with small end business needs in regards to Windows and Linux.

Comment: Re:wizard101 (Score 1) 480

by Creepy Crawler (#36364056) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Adventure Game To Start With?

My sister, when she was 6 (read 6 YEARS OLD), had Duke Nukem 3d with the Plutonium Pack!

My dad installed it, having played it, thought it was appropriate for her. She liked the LARD pigs piling on the bottom of the screen. I think, after she told me to shut up at the dinner table, I responded "Make Me". Her comment was "Blow it out yer ass".

It was uninstalled after that.

And then she reinstalled it. She still plays it through WINE.

Comment: Re:Software / Firmware (Score 1) 119

by Creepy Crawler (#36363554) Attached to: GPL'd Driver and Linux Support For New H.264 Capture Card

I used to think the same thing, that turning off features is an evil thing.

But now, I realise that is what allows us to get cheaply hacked hardware that's about 5-10% better than what we paid for. The richest subsidises the rest of us. If all they do is change firmware, instead of tracecutting or burning fuses, then we can have what they do.

So go ahead, it gives us cheaper, better hardware. Or buy open source hardware like in article.

Comment: Re:Science is more believable than fables/mytholog (Score 1) 1486

by Creepy Crawler (#35749570) Attached to: Is Science Just a Matter of Faith?

Since this thread is nearly guaranteed to not being seen by the masses, let me propose a question to you.

You quote "Often individuals/communities that regurgitate dogma and never question reality are TFNuts and malevolent (burning witches..."

Lets say, that witches were capable of cursing, remote death, and other rather nasty things. Would their deaths be justified, knowing that they could do those things? Would their deaths be justified if they claimed to have done those things to certain, named, individuals?

Comment: Re:Trolls? (Score 1) 417

by Creepy Crawler (#35401690) Attached to: Disarm Internet Trolls, Gently


One of my best trolls was this post in regards to Opera. My goal was to pit FOSS operatives on Firefox against Corporate closed source software Opera. And I was able to successfully engage the conversation so that I had flaming on both sides equally fighting vehemently over their own "Right" viewpoint.

And I still ended out with a positive moderation score after people realised that I literally took over the whole conversation upwards of 200 posts to refute me and later other posters. The whole article was only around 380 posts total.

Some of my readers ask me what a "Serial Port" is. The answer is: I don't know. Is it some kind of wine you have with breakfast?