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Comment: Re:Wow, when you can't trust CNET (Score -1) 397

by Crazy_entertainer (#37171606) Attached to: Now Wraps Downloads In Bloatware
The problem with Ninite is that it does not include past versions of things like Java. JDK 7 is something you want to avoid until the incompatibilities are worked. I found this site better, similiar to autoten if you used Fedora ... now called FedoraPlus. It includes screensavers, and several developer tool versions so you can pick which one is best.

Comment: No kidding (Score -1, Troll) 210

by Crazy_entertainer (#37155572) Attached to: Bookstores May Boycott New Amazon-Published Books
A lot of people collect clown memorabilia and the Ringly Bros have been trying to create several books. B&N wont touch it unless we pay them for shelf space before it sells which is very illegal but no one cares. So they tried Amazon and are now being backlisted due to copyrights. That is BS

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