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Comment: Not scared yet (Score 5, Interesting) 502

by Crayola (#31267692) Attached to: Triumph of the Cyborg Composer

There's nothing "mere" about the mathematics of music or the fractal beauty of the shape of landscapes or the sound of the great outdoors. Humans are wired to appreciate all that, and it's the patterns at their core that both make them appealing and tractable to generate artificially.

A computer program that can generate music doesn't scare me.

A program that can enjoy music ...

Comment: They know (Score 1) 83

by Crayola (#30838540) Attached to: Disney Releases 3D Texture Mapper Source Code

Trust me, anything like this has been carefully been gone over by quite a few lawyers. Disney uses software that comes under a variety of licenses and looks at each one carefully, and they're even more careful when it comes to releasing something.

In this case, they want the ptex file format to be used and support to become wider among apps. Releasing the libraries (especially under BSD) will make it easier for 3rd party applications to incorporate it.

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