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Comment: Shocking it's not as if there was a resason ? (Score 4, Informative) 145

by Crashmarik (#46610399) Attached to: GCHQ and NSA Targeted World Leaders, Private German Companies


So people are upset about the NSA spying on companies and a country that was willing to look the other way on some very questionable practices ?

A little reality check here. George Washington was one of our first spymasters,
And the value of intelligence information to our well being has not decreased one bit since the revolution.

+ - NSA Chief Pushes Legislation To Stifle The First Amendment->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes " Recently, what came out with the justices in the United Kingdom they looked at what happened on Miranda and other things, and they said it's interesting: journalists have no standing when it comes to national security issues. They don't know how to weigh the fact of what they're giving out and saying, is it in the nation's interest to divulge this.
— General Keith Alexander, Director of the NSA

Although General Alexander states the above with regard to the UK justice system, he clearly agrees with the assessment. Read the passage above again and think about how scary that statement is. It becomes clear that one of the reasons abuses at the NSA are so egregious is because of the attitude of the person in charge. Alexander genuinely thinks that intelligence officials know best, and should not be subject to any sort of accountability. You don't need to be a card-carrying member of the ACLU to see how dangerous this perspective is. To endorse this notion that "journalists have no standing when it comes to national security issues," is to effectively make illegal one of the most important free speech rights in any democracy. This sort of attitude represents the antithesis of American values.

Not only does General Alexander see things this way, apparently he is lobbying for Congressional legislation that would solidify this authoritarian view within the law itself. For example, the Guardian reported yesterday that:

General Keith Alexander, who has furiously denounced the Snowden revelations, said at a Tuesday cybersecurity panel that unspecified "headway" on what he termed "media leaks" was forthcoming in the next several weeks, possibly to include "media leaks legislation." The general, who is due to retire in the next several weeks, said that the furore over Snowden's surveillance revelations — which he referred to only as "media leaks" - was complicating his ability to get congressional support for a bill that would permit the NSA and the military Cyber Command he also helms to secretly communicate with private entities like banks about online data intrusions and attacks. "

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Comment: Comcast usually triple dips why is this a surprise (Score 1) 520

by Crashmarik (#46318395) Attached to: Netflix Blinks, Will Pay Comcast For Network Access

Comcast charges content providers to be on channel line up
Charges the customer to watch them
Overwrites the provided programming with their commercials.

If ever the was an exemplar of a gravy sucking pig comcast is it, and they are the prime exemplar of how crony capitalism is failure.

Comment: Moving on to the next MMO (Score 1) 669

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Was Playing The Secret World but it looks like Funcom has killed the development budget, replaced content updates with insane grinds for gear and made false promises about delivery dates to string along the subscribers. Still recommend it. Buy it for $10 when it goes on sale and play it like a single player game, just be prepared to be disappointed by the largely nonexistent and very tedious endgame.

So now it's Star Wars The Old Republic. It's surprisingly good, especially if you aren't expecting it to be star wars galaxies. Good engine, beautiful graphics, and solid play backed by excellent story and dialog. Thumbs up.

Beta tested ESO, Looks good but hasn't grabbed me.

Going to give Wildstar a try as well.

Comment: Read the article and Stross (Score 1) 396

by Crashmarik (#45902423) Attached to: A Rebuttal To Charles Stross About Bitcoin

Don't see the article as actually refuting much of anything Stross had to say.

The nicest thing you can say about bitcoin is that it is disruptive and the disruptions have the possibility of not being exceptionally painful. If you think about the primary advantage of bitcoin, making anonymous electronic transactions that are much harder to trace, you have to think it's not going to be good. Then you look and see the first killer app for bitcoin was the silkroad ? It really isn't going to surprise that this technology destabilizes civil society more than it promotes it.

Comment: Re:The problem with all this... (Score -1, Troll) 273

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Before we try and get and that additional freshwater - has anyone found another possible _deposit_ location for all the rubbish and toxic waste we're producing? ...even if we would get at that water, it would only be a stop-gap -- right now, most seem to think that there will always be some new source of whatever resource we need to keep our "unsustainable" pace going...

Your kidding right ?

Look around you, we have a near endless universe and we haven't even noticeably begun to exploit it. We can either man up to the challenges ahead use the resources at our disposal and move forward to a better future, or we can stick our heads in the sand a plant a kick me sign on our collective asses.

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