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Submission + - Amazon's "obsession with dinosaur sex" shaped CloudFlare's censorship stance (

An anonymous reader writes: CloudFlare's CEO was referring to how the bookseller and online retail giant banned so-called "monster erotica," a genre of fan-fiction revolving around fantasy-based fictional encounters with mythical or extinct creatures (including dinosaurs), which was for a time sold on its online bookstore.

His somewhat grandiose point was simple enough. Should a company decide who its customers should be, or determine who is a good guy and who is a bad guy?

Submission + - Cloud DDoS Mitigation Services Can Be Bypassed by Aiming Attacks at Website's IP ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A recent research paper shows that most Cloud-Based Security Providers (CBSP) are ineffective in protecting websites from DDoS attacks, mainly because they cannot entirely hide the origin website's IP address from attackers. As five security researchers from Belgium and the US are claiming, there are eight methods through which these mitigations services can be bypassed. The 8 techniques of obtaining a website's origin IP address rely on hackers searching through historical Web traffic databases, in DNS records, subdomains that resolve to the main domain directly, the site's own source code, when the main website triggers outbound connections, via SSL certificates, via sensitive files hosted on the website's server, and during migration or maintenance operations on the mitigation service itself, which leaves the target website temporarily exposed.

Submission + - Is there a site where one can plonk patentable ideas?

An anonymous reader writes: Let's pretend that I've invented "The next great thing". I'm the 1% (or is it 5%) inspiration and the idea is good but I'll never get around to chasing it. Is there a site where one can submit their brilliant idea and get them "published", for nothing else but bragging rights? It would be even better if the idea could go into some sort of FSF or humanities ownership; possibly with a tiny fractional cut to the "inventor" if it flies? We all dream up all sorts of things, it would be nice to have a place to plonk them as some may be truly useful. If there is no such place, do you think it is a good idea?

Submission + - Judge Opines Inglewood City Council Filed Copyright Suit to Suppress Free Speech

An anonymous reader writes: As you have previously published information about this case, I thought I'd update you on Judge Michael Fitzgerald's 10-8-15 opinion/ruling on two of the most significant aspects of the case. One, that the City's copyright case was "objectively unreasonable" and two, that the City's attempt to remove a number of political documentaries from the internet was probably motivated by an attempt to stifle Free/Political Speech.

          The Judge awarded attorney fees to my legal team in the amount of over $117,000.00 and most damning to Mayor James Butts and his Council of Yes-men is Judge Fitzgerald's opinion that the Council's complaints were "objectively unreasonable" and that the City's case "posed a serious threat to critical political expression,..." The Judge opined that he was "not persuaded" by the Council's claim that they brought suit only to protect their financial interests, and that "...the City's most plausible purpose was to stifle Defendant's political speech after he harshly criticized the City's elected officials."

          In closing, the Judge stated that awarding attorney fees to my legal team, "...will serve to deter other entities, whether public or private, that contemplate bringing unreasonable suits to pressure an individual into abandoning a protected activity."

          The order is linked below:


Comment Re:Wasn't it? (Score 1) 364

I mean, the Romulans were based on the West's view of the nations behind the Iron Curtain.

Klingons were originally that.

Romulans were based on some historical imperial culture with a senate, centurions, an emperor..The name of the culture eludes me somehow, it's on the tip of my tongue. Mother wolf ?, The Remus Empire ? Empire of the 7 hills ? The overly complicated empire ? Oh well you get the idea.

The Klingons were originally an expansionist fascist state and later became some sort of generic warlike vikings in space.

Comment Re:A Conservative Response (Score 1) 239

I get it, you and the OP are playing a game to make him look good.

Yeah, uh...which OP? You mean this? Mebbe yo don't get it.

Non-sequitur. The subject was willful stupidity - which YOU brought up.

Once again how is that "Hope and Change" working out for you

You repeat the same non-sequitur. Repeat it a third time and we can all safely assume you're a retard who somehow has the ability to post on the internet.

Wow,, I know I say the left is insane but you are out to prove the point beyond all argument. Really i get a notification of your replies, you're sitting here manually watching this.

Well go right along mr. special snowflake, the government will protect you and you can blame the mean old capitalists for all your failures.

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." -- Mark Twain