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+ - Unattended maintenance windows

Submitted by grahamsaa
grahamsaa (1287732) writes "Like many others in IT, I sometimes have to do server maintenance at unfortunate times. 6AM is the norm for us, but in some cases we're expected to do it as early as 2AM, which isn't exactly optimal. I understand that critical services can't be taken down during business hours, and most of our products are used 24 hours a day, but for some things it seems like it would be possible to automate maintenance (and downtime).

I have a maintenance window at about 5AM tomorrow. It's fairly simple — upgrade CentOS, remove a package, install a package, reboot. Downtime shouldn't be more than 5 minutes. While I don't think it would be wise to automate this window, I think with sufficient testing we might be able to automate future maintenance windows so I or someone else can sleep in. Aside from the benefit of getting a bit more sleep, automating this kind of thing means that it can be written, reviewed and tested well in advance. Of course, if something goes horribly wrong having a live body keeping watch is probably helpful. That said, we do have people on call 24/7 and they could probably respond capably in an emergency. Have any of you tried to do something like this? What's your experience been like?"

+ - Child Thought to Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Mississippi child, who was born with HIV passed from her mother, received HIV treatment for 18 months after her birth. In the course of over two years after the treatment, her blood indicated no trace of the virus or of HIV-specific antibodies, leading many to hope that she may have been cured completely. Earlier this month, however, the virus was detected again. Nearly 4 years old, the child is once more being given HIV treatment, and scientists are trying to figure out how she could have gone so long before relapsing."

+ - Aereo Embraces Ruling, Tries to Re-Classify Itself as Cable Company 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Rather than completely shuttering its TV-over-the-internet business, Aereo has decided to embrace the Supreme Court's recent decision against it. In a letter to the lower court overseeing the litigation between the company and network broadcasters, Aereo asks to be considered a cable company and to be allowed to pay royalties as such. Cable companies pay royalties to obtain a copyright statutory license under the Copyright Act to retransmit over-the-air programming, and the royalties are set by the government, not the broadcasters. The broadcasters are not happy with this move, of course, claiming that Aereo should not be allowed to flip-flop on how it defines itself."

Comment: Wish I could say I was surprised (Score 3, Interesting) 171

by Crashmarik (#47429261) Attached to: Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted

We live in a day and age where you can make a pretty decent living as a scientist without actually advancing science, or doing very much technologically related labor, only natural people would game the system. While science should be immune to this sort of thing, just how many unimportant not particularly interesting results do people actually try to reproduce ?

+ - Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted

Submitted by blackbeak
blackbeak (1227080) writes "The Washington Post reports that the Journal of Vibration and Control's review system was hijacked by a ring of reviewers. 60 articles have been retracted as a result. If a relatively nonpolitical field like JVC covers is subject to this kind of nonsense, what might be lurking behind peer reviews in the pharmaceutical or petroleum fields? Maybe non peers should be partnered with peers to do the reviewing."

+ - Layoffs coming at Microsoft?->

Submitted by whoever57
whoever57 (658626) writes "Shaun Nichols at The Register interpets Satya Nadella's open letter as "prepare for layoffs". The letter suggests radical changes are coming to Microsoft and, combined with duplication of functions because of the Nokia handset business acquisition, he thinks that layoffs are highly likely. Wes Miller, research vice-president at Directions on Microsoft, says that Microsoft is shifting from the Windows-everywhere approach, towards supporting productivity applications on different platforms. More details will be forthcoming from Microsoft on July 22."
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Comment: Re:Life on Mars? (Score 1) 265

by Crashmarik (#47420519) Attached to: Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

Oh I believe you underestimate the stupidity of the electorate and the congressional love of pork.

Figures for NASA's SLS costs

They are putting the costs at a potential 5 billion/launch before any development overruns.

This is to get us to Mars. Brilliant like we have done so much with the Moon in half century since we went all out to get there.

Comment: Gamer Masochism vs Self Interest (Score 0) 86

Be interesting to see what wins. So far masochism looks like it dominates every online game I have ever seen. I remember when City of Heroes launched going rogue, and had Gamestop only gear. I have to think that pissed off veteran players who didn't need to buy the game and people in other countries that didn't get access. Can't imagine that anyone who didn't like Gamestop but played the game was happy about this either.

Anyway look at any MMO's forums.

1 Comment the game is horribly buggy, Response all software has bugs you should learn to live with it.
2. Game breaking bugs are not being fixed in a timely fashion. Response: Programming is hard did you expect these people to do it right ?
3. Continual rebalancing of the game resulting in stranded non performing characters. Response: That's the life of an online gamer.
4. Developers shifting ever more content into layered methods of cash extraction, gets a non response.

I can certainly appreciate the feeling ardent players have to support their favorite online games, but you do have to wonder at what point they wake up and realize that the publishers see them as nothing but a bunch of greenbacks, and their best strategy is to view the publishers as people trying to do as little as possible to get maximum return. Think about it how many times do you see add on content that is essentially pay to win in one way or another going for a significant fraction of the initial game cost even though there is little to it ?

  It just make

Comment: Re:Cry Me A River (Score 2) 586

by Crashmarik (#47415879) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

Apologies, but we still have all those old tools. We just don't use them any longer. Because you can't use Turbo Pascal to make web pages, but you can use jQuery. .

Man Microsoft pulled a Rome to Borland's Carthage here. True you can't use Turbo Pascal but you can use Delphi the Indy Lib, and intraweb

Really incredible tools for getting the job done better than so much of what is out there, they only have a couple problems

1. They aren't hip and score no points in games of buzzword bingo
2. They work.

Comment: Re:Cry Me A River (Score 1) 586

by Crashmarik (#47415831) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

Dreamweaver and other WYIWYG editors for web pages sucked ass though.
These days we have simple web frameworks that allow you to set up web pages simply unless you have some strange requirements.

OH man it's Barbie's first web project there. I guess that attitude really goes so far to explaining why websites usually don't have anywhere near as nice a threaded comment system as Slashdot does.

Comment: You Insensitive Clod (Score 1) 586

by Crashmarik (#47415791) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

You're like an old man whining about nail guns(because what are those new kids going to do when they can't use a nail gun for a particular job).

I am old and you don't see me complaining about nail guns.

Even though, I am pretty sure 3D printers are just toys for spoiled youngsters that never saw the inside of a machine shop or know which end of a saw to hold.

Comment: Re:Mars no, (Score 1) 78

by Crashmarik (#47415545) Attached to: Buzz Aldrin Pressures Obama For New Space Exploration Initiative

Hell we we will be out of helium on earth before we are doing anything useful on mars.

So at the very least it will be something useful even if horribly expensive.

Even the Roanoak colony had a business plan, Whats the one for Mars ? Sell advertising time to fund the launch ? (Note a heck of better way to spend them than giving them to facebook)

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