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+ - This Gadget Can Hijack Any Google Chromecast, And It's A Serious Issue->

Submitted by redletterdave
redletterdave (2493036) writes "Dan Petro, a security analyst for the Bishop Fox IT consulting firm, built a proof of concept device that’s able to hack into any Google Chromecasts nearby to project Rick Astley’s 'Never Gonna Give You Up,' or any other video a prankster might choose. The 'Rickmote,' which is built on top of the $35 Raspberry Pi single board computer, finds a local Chromecast device, boots it off the network, and then takes over the screen with multimedia of one’s choosing. But it gets worse for the victims: If the hacker leaves the range of the device, there’s no way to regain control of the Chromecast. Unfortunately for Google, this is a rather serious issue with the Chromecast device that’s not too easy to fix, as the configuration process is an essential part of the Chromecast experience."
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+ - Computer models map out fate of Earth after nuclear war...-> 1

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "A terrible fate for the Earth awaits after a regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan in which each side detonates 50 15-kiloton weapons.

Worldwide famine, deadly frosts, global ozone losses of up to 50 per cent and more would greet any inhabitants of the planet still remaining after a nuclear conflict.

And the researchers hope their study of what they call a relatively 'small' nuclear war will serve as a deterrent against such weapons being used by any nation in the future.

The unnerving consequences were laid out in a paper called ‘Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following a regional nuclear conflict.’"

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+ - Jobs in Solar Inudstry Skyrocketing, But R&D Investments Plummeting->

Submitted by Lucas123
Lucas123 (935744) writes "The number of jobs in the solar power industry now outnumbers those in the coal mining industry.. That's good news for renewable energy proponents, but investments in new solar technologies that could increase efficiency and spur sustainable growth is down — way down. Investors simply see R&D as too risky because of past start-up failures and because the price of current solar cells continue to drop precipitously because China has flooded the market, meaning there's less profit to be made in the technology. The only thing driving jobs now appears to be new, relatively inefficient solar power plants. The total global investment in renewable power (excluding large hydroelectric projects) fell for the second year in a row in 2013, reaching $214 billion worldwide — 14% lower than in 2012 and 23% below 2011 levels, when there was a record high in renewable energy investments"
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+ - America's Troubled F-35: Five Ways to Replace It->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The F-35, love it or hate it, has its share of problems. From the cost, nearly $400 Billion, making it the most expensive US defense program in history, to its share of technical problems make it an easy target. Yet, there is very few ways to replace it. Considering that parts of it are made all across the U.S. and most of the planes it plans to replace are getting quite dated, the program seems "too big to kill."

However, there are ways to do so. One good example, jump to the next generation of planes:

"Another way of cutting our losses would be to abandon the fifth generation fighter entirely (apart from existing Raptors and F-35s), and focus instead on the development of sixth generation fighters. Expectations for Gen Six fighters generally focus around stealth, supercruise, and networking capabilities, potentially with tailless configurations, the capacity for the installation of laser weaponry, and the possibility of unmanned operation. Several other countries have played with this concept. Japan, Russia, India, and France have all examined the possibility of skipping the fifth generation and moving directly to the sixth. Expectations of relative great power peace over the next decade, combined with still-large Cold War-era fleets, have made this a plausible option.""

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Comment: edits thank you slashdot for no edit system (Score 1) 271

by Crashmarik (#47500913) Attached to: Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

Should not be part of the quote

Well it does reward companies for doing just that. What the author really wants to complain about is either his inability/lack of desire to do basic research before buying a piece of crap phone (How free markets punish people for not making informed decisions) or That LG isn't sufficiently punished for doing what he things is a bad job. The latter is a case of his overgeneralizing what he feels is important to what everyone else feels is important.

Comment: Isn't this Apple's entire shtick ? (Score 1) 271

by Crashmarik (#47500893) Attached to: Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

I mean say what you want about their current products, but their entire deal has been putting software on devices that for the vast bulk of users doesn't suck.
So you want to go around saying things like


raise more interesting questions — about why the free-market system rewards companies for pulling off miracles at the hardware level, but not for fixing software bugs that should be easy to catch

Well it does reward companies for doing just that. What the author really wants to complain about is either his inability/lack of desire to do basic research before buying a piece of crap phone (How free markets punish people for not making informed decisions) or That LG isn't sufficiently punished for doing what he things is a bad job. The latter is a case of his overgeneralizing what he feels is important to what everyone else feels is important.

+ - US military pouring millions into Darpa-funded research, influence Twitter, Face->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "On Tuesday, The Guardian posted an article about the US military pouring millions into researching how to become a Twitter-user-influencing, propaganda-spewing machine.

SMISC, which was announced in 2011, has been regarded as the means by which the US military can both detect and conduct propaganda campaigns via social media.

Now, the internet knows it's been the subject of research that's involved Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Kickstarter and Digg."

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+ - Anti-Fracking activist in Texas disassembles Gas company propaganda->

Submitted by Walkingshark
Walkingshark (711886) writes "Adam Briggle, a key leader in the Texas anti-fracking movement, has been one of the pivotal figures in the historic total fracking ban proposed in the city of Denton. With the help of the rest of the leadership of Frack-Free Denton, a medium sized city in Texas stands to be one of the key battlegrounds in efforts to rebalance the property rights of mineral owners and home owners. Now that the petition is going to the voters in the fall, the Gas industry is opening up their pockets to flood the city with propaganda designed to misinform voters so that the referendum to ban fracking will fail. Briggle, on his Denton Drilling blog, has published an incredibly well reasoned and articulate takedown of their usual propaganda, a piece of writing that could end up serving as the template for how to completely demolish the poorly worded half truths often deployed by industry. Read it here and have a chuckle, Depantsing the Perryman Report about Denton’s Fracking Ban."
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+ - MicroxWin Creates Linux DIstribution That Runs Debian/Ubuntu & Android Apps ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "VolksPC who developed MicroXwin as a lightweight X Window Server has come up with their own Linux distribution. Setting apart VolksPC's distribution from others is that it's based on both Debian and Android and has the capability to run Debian/Ubuntu/Android apps together in a native ARM experience. The implementation doesn't depend on VNC or other similar solutions of the past that have tried to join desktop apps with mobile Android apps. This distribution is also reportedlby compatible with all Android applications. The distribution is expected to begin shipping on an ARM mini-PC stick."
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+ - What a quantum observation is (and isn't)

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "You've probably heard of the double-slit experiment, where you can pass even a single electron through a double-slit, and it interferes with itself, behaving like a wave. But if you observe which slit it passes through, you don't get any interference at all, and it behaves like a particle. You might have thought that you need a physical observer to do this, but as it turns out quantum observation doesn't have anything to do with an anthropomorphized "observer" at all; it's solely dependent on whether you have a quantum interaction capable of constraining the system. Come find out what a quantum observation is, and how it applies to Bell's Theorem, too!"

+ - How to Genetically Modify an Ecosystem

Submitted by structural_biologist
structural_biologist (1122693) writes "Genes normally have a 50-50 chance of being passed from parent to offspring, but scientists may have figured out a way to create genes that show up in offspring with a much higher frequency. "One type of gene drive influences inheritance by copying itself onto chromosomes that previously lacked it. When an organism inherits such a gene drive from only one parent, it makes a cut in the chromosome from the other parent, forcing the cell to copy the inheritance-biasing gene drive—and any adjacent genes—when it repairs the damage." When introduced into the wild, organisms containing gene drives would breed with the population, quickly spreading the modified genes throughout the ecosystem. While the technology could help prevent the spread of malaria and manage invasive species, many scientists worry about the wide-ranging effects of such a technology and are calling for its regulation."

Comment: More the economics of publishing (Score 4, Insightful) 189

by Crashmarik (#47490251) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

There is literally too much content and most of it looks awful.

I took a look Amazon's kindle unlimited this afternoon and what I saw were an incredible number of science fiction authors that I never heard of, pushing out what the blurbs and titles made look like bad romance novels in space.

The functions of the editor and publisher are just missing from this mish mash. If you look at paper publishing it's a large financial commitment to publish and market any given book and most would never pay back the investment. Hence publishers to market the works and editors to select quality material were immensely valuable and helped make certain that if an authors work was published it had a better than random submission chance of earning back it's costs.

Now the cost to "Publsish" as an e-book is minimal and much of what would never have been published in the past is flooding all over the place. So you have lots of "Authors" self publishing and not making money. This really shouldn't come as a shocker. The problem is there are so many of them they overwhelm everything else. If I read correctly Kindle Unlimited has 600,000 titles. It's just numbers but there really just aren't enough people in the world to see that most of those authors make a living from being published there.

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