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by CrashNBrn (#46414139) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires
What they should do. Is just make windows WORK like every other version in recent memory.
--- The visual appearance/display/theme/skin/whatever should be customizable. Give users the option of the contextual-free flat pastel shit that is Windows 8 Modern, or Win 7 Aero, or WinXP/2K Classic Mode or whatever.

If MS can fix that for Windows 9; actually clean some of the legacy cruft out, things might not be so bad.

I mean can you imagine if the "Uninstall Dialog" actually showed you PROGRAMS you installed... instead of Programs, pre-loaded-bloatware, MS Hotfixes, and "Platforms (.NET, etc)."

Ask Slashdot: Automatically Logging Non-Computerized Equipment Use? 130

Posted by timothy
from the bar-codes-and-magnets dept.
First time accepted submitter Defenestrar writes "I've recently taken a job at a large state university where I manage the laboratories for a couple of departments. We have a good system to pro-rate costs for shared use of big ticket items, but don't have anything in place for small to medium expense pieces which don't require software control (i.e. AD user authentication logs). It is much more efficient to designate a common room for things like water purifiers and centrifuges, but log books have a history of poor compliance. Also, abuse or neglect of communal property has been an issue in the past (similar to the tragedy of the commons).

Do any of you know of good automatic systems to record user/group equipment usage which would allow for easy data processing down the line (i.e. I don't want to go through webcam archives). Systems which promote accountability and care are a bonus, but for safety reasons we don't want the room's door locked (i.e. no pin/badged access). Most of these systems also require continuous power — so electrical interlocks are not a good option either.

I call on you, my fellow Slashdotters, to do your best and get quickly sidetracked while still including the occasional gem in the comments."

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by CrashNBrn (#46180291) Attached to: The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory
Not surprising that SlashDot revenue is decreasing over time. Before I disabled ads completely (flash is off by default) the ads being shown here, apart from the amazon crap that displays stuff I've recently viewed on Amazon, were 3rd rate companies that you wouldn't even see advertising on CNET.

The straw that broke the camel's back, was when Opera prevented a pop-up from Slashdot...when the tab was in the background (not the active tab). Fuck that noise, JS disabled completely on slashdot.

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by CrashNBrn (#46179529) Attached to: Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations
Their videos tended to be on Much Music on Friday nights - late 80's/early 90's. Anything non-mainstream was fair game - it might of even been called "Alternative"-something-or-other. Music from Ministry, Skinny Puppy - were all classified at that point as "Industrial".

IIRC most indie/used CD stores in Nova Scotia - that carried that "kind" of music would also likewise have an "Industrial" section.

The odd time you might find Skinny Puppy in the "Metalz" section - if that was the case - the store in general probably did a poor job categorizing any of their music by genre at all.

I'm sure one could argue over Synth-this-Electro-that, or even put NiN in the same general group...but I wouldn't. Industrial (alternative, being unnecessary) to me (and maybe others) was akin to Metal+ModulatedVoice(sometimes)+CreativeSamples+...

I think one would be hard-pressed to be more specific with a genre for Skinny Puppy, beyond "Industrial" that would accurately fit all the songs on a given album without just shoehorning.

Comment: Industrial - not "Electronic"; Beta Sucks (Score 2) 271

by CrashNBrn (#46175633) Attached to: Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations
Skinny Puppy is known for their Industrial Alternative, not "Electronic" --- they aren't a hipster Dance band.

Slashdot Beta is Trash. So was Skinny Puppy pretty much since 1992 (after Too Dark Park). But they have realized the Error of Their Ways and have returned to 1984. So now the 100,000 dollar question: Can Slashdot's caretakers realize the Error of Their Ways before it is too late?

Anyone recall Arstechnica's major design change about 4 years ago? Nope me neither. Know why? When they did it, they left the OLD design available to use. Two settings exist to this day for Colour: Dark on Light, or Light on Dark; as well as a setting for layout. I wonder if maybe, just maybe its not such a boneheaded thing to do --- to give users a choice and stop being such a bunch of pricks.

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by CrashNBrn (#46132525) Attached to: The JavaScript Juggernaut Rolls On
Because "Web Developers" can't code, since they don't use the Holy C.

Of course one might also consider that "Web Developers" might actually be able to code better than those that "strive for all that is good about coding" since they have to deal with the bullshit that is HTML+CSS and get work done :-)
My favorite usage of C was LPC via DGD. A technically interpreted "Object" C language. It was very elegant compared to many languages that were "invented" to run crap with html. I always felt it was a downright shame that DGD/LPC didn't find that niche. I don't think there would of been a need for JavaScript, PHP, and possibly many other languages that were created (primarily) to deal with HTML.

Comment: Excited about seeing it Mature? (Score 1) 181

dakira > TruthNow â 3 days ago
Wow. They took a piece of cross-platform software and made it stop working on Linux by applying their skin. That's just sad.

CrashNBurn71 > dakira â 3 days ago
Or you know, instead of the past year of this nonsense, Opera DESKTOP could of used WebKit/Blink to render the page, and kept Presto to render the Opera UI. It would of been more memory intensive, but at least it would of been a usable browser.

A thread for every single open Tab is beyond ludicrous. A thread for every window *maybe*.

Opera 15+ is worse than MS Office + the Ribbon :: at least Office still has the same functionality - even if it takes twice as long to get there.

Why anyone is bothering with Opera any longer is beyond me. A year later there's not even a hint of a customizable interface or the Side-Panel. M2 has been flat out abandoned, not a single update since it was split into its own "App".

With .net or WinForms or any of Microsoft's Software Development Kits, or even __Autohotkey__ you could layout a Window with customizable/resizable sections in a day.

Other Browsers have a handful of developers or less, and are blowing Opera out of the water. (See Maxthon or Slepnir -- the whole Fenrir Inc only has 50-200 employees.)

(*) And yeah some of us actually do Software Development beyond throwing a couple webpages onto the internet, and actually know what CAN be accomplished in a day or a month or a year.

No bookmarks in a year? Opera doesn't want to add bookmarks. Or it would of been done in a week, maybe a month. Its not f'n rocket science.

Many? long-time Opera users would likely agree that Opera was quite possibly one of the top 10 software products ever. quite possibly one of the top 10 software products ever.

(*) Chopera defenders (and the Dev's themselves) on the blog frequently spout about how software development takes time... as the excuse for why almost none of Opera's old functionality has made its way into the new Chrome "clone".

clone - implies something that is a copy of its "parent" ... except Chopera isn't even close to a clone, not only is it missing nearly everything that made Opera useful, it's missing most of what Chromium has as well.

Comment: Re:Another webkit is irrelevent (Score 1) 181

99% of the time that Opera wouldn't work on a given site, choosing "Mask as Firefox" or "Mask as IE" would resolve the issue --- as it was almost always caused by browser sniffing and giving the wrong JS/HTML for Opera to render.

In a few odd cases, it was a failure of Opera's JS engine and masking as FF/IE would not actually resolve the problem.

Comment: Derivative Works, not Virtually Identical (Score 1) 125

This was on arstechnica last week. A number of people grabbed onto the "nearly identical" phrasing then too. Except the wording of the contract was something close to: royalties for any "derivative works". Whether the games were identical is irrelevant, and disingenuous of the judge to use the "virtually identical" phrasing as a basis for throwing out the juries verdict.

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How is it random. I always get beta.slashdot, unless I log-in. Then since I have preferences set to no-javascript - I get regular slashdot.

If slashdot forces that on its users, I'm pretty sure it will cause a significant exodus.

I couldn't even find the login on my laptop, turns out the whole top menu, except for the slashdot logo, disappears if your browser isn't almost full-screen.

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GURPS only problem that I know of, is the whole system pretty much falls apart when/if your Character gets 16+ in a prime stat. That, and perhaps there is enough evidence that a few more primary attributes would help the system.

So likely not that difficult to fix the main problems GURPS has - leave the reliance on 3d6 rolls to another feat/resistance roll type system, and consider how a couple (2/3/4?) more Primary Attributes could be worked into the existing skill system.

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