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+ - Detritus from cancer cells may infect healthy cells->

Submitted by bmahersciwriter
bmahersciwriter (2955569) writes "Tiny bubbles of cell membrane — called exosomes — are shed by most cells. Long thought to be mere trash, researchers had recently noticed that they often contain short, regulatory RNA molecules, suggesting that exosomes may be one way that cells communicate with one another. Now, it appears that RNA in the exosomes shed by tumor cells can get into healthy cells and 'transform' them, putting them on the path to becoming cancerous themselves."
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Comment: Germany's Odd Software Industry for non-Germans (Score 1) 95

by CrashNBrn (#48216163) Attached to: German Publishers Capitulate, Let Google Post News Snippets
It may very well be the types of software that I've looked at, but almost every time I see that a particular piece of software has a German developer, the English support is non-existent or poor at best. Which is quite surprising to me as ~65% of the population speaks English.. Contrast that to Russian (~6%) or Czech (~27%), which (in my experience) has been much more friendly|open to English support|forums|help files.

Comment: Use SETENV (Score 2) 347

by CrashNBrn (#48208007) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone
Can't be any worse than trying to change Security Permissions|File Ownership through the GUI.

Environment Variables are better off being set via CMD.exe

SETENV -m PATH "%PATH%;C:\Somewhere\Else"

Then you don't even need to reboot/logout to have the change take effect.
Or the old-school way, but you'll need to logout/or reboot.

SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Somewhere\Else

Comment: Don't Miss the Noise (Score 1) 304

by CrashNBrn (#48097795) Attached to: The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made
Yeah, I sure didn't miss the noise when I eventually got a Compaq keyboard in the late 90's. Although, strangely enough, my favorite keyboard is a cheap-o model from iTronic, the Scorpius M1, which was $12 in 2005. It lasted about 6-7 years, but I damaged the plastic-circuit board cleaning it one too many times. Unfortunately, the only place you can still get them is in the England and Ireland, and no international shipping. Should of picked one up when they were still available in various European countries that *DID* do international shipping.

Now I'm making do with a Corsair K40, which I like quite a bit more than my old Logitech G15, although the back-lighting on the G15 is much brighter.

Comment: Re:LOL Belkin, color me surprised (Score 1) 191

by CrashNBrn (#48088029) Attached to: Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages
I like a couple Logitech mice (MX518, G400), but many of their other mice not so much (I have more Logitech mice discarded in boxes than any other brand...). I should of known better, but tried again with the G700s --- and much like the MX610 the top-left buttons require too much effort to press -- though not as bad as the MX610. At least the G700s doesn't have any useless hard to reach buttons (top-right-backside), like the MX610).

For keyboards, I've found Corsair's K## line to be quite reasonably priced compared to pretty much everyone else. The only cheaper keyboards I've seen are just plain cheap crap ($30-$45 price range). I picked up a Corsair K40 Gaming Keyboard for $60, but the price has jumped recently to $68 --- still cheaper than comparable logitech's though.

Comment: Re:Next: Fix Rotten Tomatoes (Score 1) 93

by CrashNBrn (#48085909) Attached to: Fixing Steam's User Rating Charts
Rotten Tomatoes should be thrown in the garbage.

The wife used to go there for *anything* that was being considered for going-to-the-movies/netflix/rental/etc. Then I asked her what a few shows we had seen that I had chosen (thus we didn't go to RT prior)... they were universally (both critic and fans) panned.

I'll stick with choosing movies by Actor and Director, it's at least right 66-75% of the time. There are also some Production companies/subsidiary studios that seem to output quality near every time too (Clint Eastwood's company for instance).

Comment: Re:Sounds like he hasn't gotten the message (Score 1) 993

I completely understand the distaste for binary logs/configs/etc. Many moons ago that was one thing we got rid of in our project - the default binary format for saving C structs --- to XML. I suppose today one might consider the less verbose JSON.

What I don't get is why the f'k they (systemD) are using binary formats in the first place. If its about efficiency/bandwidth/(and/or)/smaller file commits --- why not just use bzip2 on a clean text format?
Then you would have the benefits efficiency/smaller file commits/etc AND a clean text format that can be accessed as needed and with the right-tool-for-the-job.

Comment: Amazon Car Service (Score 1) 335

by CrashNBrn (#48012403) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives
Hmmm Amazon Car Service...I've never thought about that.

It would go something like this:

1) File Service Ticket online & Describe Issue.
2) Repair Service comes to pick up or tow the car.
3) A temporary car is left for you to use in the interim.
4) When the car is fixed you get an invoice.
5) When paying the bill, you choose delivery time within 2-24 hours (when you will be home).
6) Car is returned. Temporary vehicle is picked up.

Comment: Re:LastPass and a sentence-key-phrase (Score 1) 191

by CrashNBrn (#47991669) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Keep Students' Passwords Secure?
LastPass, and make your master key be a sentence-like phrase. Thats what I use, but then I run the sentence-phrase through a generator I wrote which outputs things like:
Of course we are on slashdot, almost none of the high-ansi characters will display.

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