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Comment: GURPS 3d6 Mechanics (Balance) (Score 2) 111 111

Have you ever considered officially rebalancing|changing the GURPs mechanics that rely on 3d6 rolls? It has been my experience over the years, when trying to use the GURPs ruleset directly (with no house-rules) that the way the skills/stats interact - at least as far as nearly automatic success is concerned... is quite broken (easily) for non-super players with attributes 14-15+. Compare to say, HERO, which doesn't have an automatic-success problem so much as an overly obtuse|complex modifier issue.

Comment: Re:Uber doesn't own the vehicles, correct? (Score 0) 346 346

When the wife (in california) switched from contractor to full-time employee, the only thing that changed was she got paid less.

The equipment and software she uses is still "provided by the company."
Her performance reviews are still "done by her "company-provided manager".
While a contractor if she had of failed performance reviews, she would of been let go.
--- which is an actual difference, failed performance reviews (for non-contractors) will more likely get you coaching than the door.

Comment: Re:Uber doesn't own the vehicles, correct? (Score 1) 346 346

I don't think so, you could take the blurb from the summary, and insert any of the major tech companies that use contractors.

Apple|Microsoft|Google controls (and builds) the tools that are used, monitors their approval ratings and terminates their access to the system if their [internal employee ranking system] fall below X."

None of those "facts" can be used to determine who is a contractor and whom is an part-time or full-time employee.

Comment: Modifier Key example (Score 1) 99 99

Take a mouse that has 2 thumb buttons, plus the standard Left/Middle/Right click.
If you assign Ctrl, and Shift to the two thumb buttons, then you get 4 states for each of the 3 standard mouse buttons --- without reaching for a keyboard yet.

LButton, Ctrl + LButton, Shift + LButton, Ctrl+Shift + LButton.

Instead of a 5 button mouse, you have 9 additional states that you can use above and beyond the normal three L/M/R clicks.

Comment: Wii Pro Stick (Score 1) 99 99

As far as the natural/neutral positioning of your hands is concerned... The Wii Pro Stick is by far the most comfortable controller to hold, it also has the least amount of "thumb-travel" to switch from the Control Sticks to the D-Pad or Buttons.

Even with fairly large (long) hands, the bulkier/larger bodied controllers aren't any more comfortable.

At least the XBox Elite solves one problem that nearly all game-pads have -- half of your fingers are underneath the controller body, and are not needed to hold/support the controller --- a well designed controller will comfortably est on the bottom and sides of your palms, which leaves your fingers nothing to do at all.

What the XBox Elite doesn't solve is a console control-scheme problem --- the complete inability to use a button/key press as a modifier key... along with console games that assign disparate actions to the same button in a different context, instead of considering the flexibility of a modifier key.

Comment: Grow a Pair. (Score 1) 479 479

These ask slashdots are really getting fucking stupid.

YOU take control of the conversation. YOU tell them what YOU've done. When they ask you to do Y. YOU say I've done XYZ. Then, if they still dont listen. Ask for Level 2, or Billing so you can cancel. Guess what? Someone will listen then.

Comment: Windows, Windows, Linux (Score 1) 558 558

Windows 8.1 - Laptop, Windows 7 Desktop, Debian Linux on the Servers.
L: 16GB, D: 24GB, S: and whatever is needed.
L: AMD, D: AMD, S: Virtualized.
L: Harddrive, D: Hardrives, S: SSD's

As far as needing Classic Shell, could care less.

I make sure and install BINS and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker on the Laptop and Desktop. Done and Done.
Plus Multi-Commander, Total Commander, and QTTabBar from the proper location. Done Done and Done.

Comment: Unified Hypertext is impressive (among others) (Score 3, Interesting) 284 284

I saw TempleOS on BetaNews -- at least 5 years ago now. Never had the time nor inclination to see what it was all about, as it looked just a little bit too Old-School (the EGA/VGA 16 color). This "technical look" is actually pretty interesting, especially the way the system is built on and uses hyperlinks, the file format is described as

HTML, JSON, XML, shell scripts, source files, text files – TempleOS replaces all of these via one unified hypertext representation.

Maybe the WhatWG or W3C could learn a thing or three.

Comment: Re: bye (Score 1) 531 531

Yes, I myself find it disconcerting to see such things added to core, when things like Tab Groups aren't even given a spot on the UI unless you Customize, and go add it yourself.

Or the fact that almost all "core" behaviour of tabs relies on Extension Authors... But! we have a CHAT and Pinterest-like "pin/save" conten... that fucks up all Ctrl-Letter shortcuts once you Middle-Click or Ctrl-Click on a link on a page.... now all Ctrl+anyLetter shortcut opens that link.

Ctrl+Click or middle click on any link. Now press Ctrl-W. The tab does not close, another tab is opened for that link instead.


Comment: No Extensions, Horrible Tab Stacks (Score 1) 531 531

I hope Vivaldi gets to a usable state, but I really doubt it will wind up where I was hoping Opera 13 might of gone. You still can't use (most) extensions, and it looks like their plan for tabs are singular stacks, which are damned near useless once you get used to the freedom and functionality of Tree Style Tabs. Sidewise for Chrome/Opera comes close, but has so many quirks and issues as it has to run in a separate window.

Comment: Re: bye (Score 2) 531 531

Maybe, but in almost every single browser topic here on /. there will be at least one thread going off about shitty Australis --- Which really puts into question the rest of their complaints. The Firefox Australis UI may look different than the previous traditional FF UI... but so what?! If you don't like it, its little more than some standard CSS to adjust the UI however the hell you want.
Almost every single FF bitch about changes is little more than bullshit --- I have yet to see a FF change that can't be reverted with either CSS or an extension.

If there really was some agenda to "destroy" Firefox, they certainly wouldn't leave in the ability to undo/revert these so-called horrible changes.

I use FF primarily, and Opera Dev (Oink). Prior to 2012 (1999-2012) I used Opera (versions 5-12) 99%+ of the time.

The FireFox "+ Customize" along with UserJS and UserCSS gives you most of the freedom that Opera users used to have with regards to control over the UI.

I know I'm thankful Firefox is still around, and I wouldn't of been caught dead using it back in Opera's heyday.

To me the biggest slap in the face in regards to "Chrome/Blink" --- you aren't even allowed to reorganize extension icons on the "address bar". You cannot/are not allowed to move extension icons to any other place in the interface. Chrome's UI is so locked down as to make a comparison between a blink-based browser and gecko-based browser almost impossible as far as the UI is concerned.

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