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Comment: Re:As an american currently living in canada... (Score 3, Interesting) 1067

by CrankyBuffalo (#14121438) Attached to: Canada Moves to Keep Skilled Workers
Also as an American currently living in Canada, I must disagree. Canadian healthcare is FAR superior.

Canadian healthcare does the job -- everyone has a basic level of care. For specialized services that are not life threatening, you wait. In the US, if you are fortunate enough to have good insurance, you can fight your way through the system and get care...once. After that, you're hosed unless you manage to keep insurance through your work, because you'll never get insurance personally again.

My wife waited 3 months for a gynecological procedure in Bellingham, WA before we moved. She's been waiting for 5 months or more here in Vancouver for a possible knee procedure.

Emergency medicine is exactly the same here except that you don't get a multithousand dollar bill at the end of the experience.

Our last complete year in the US, we paid over $14,000 US for medical insurance. In BC, we pay about $1300 CDN. The $5K CDN or so in extra taxes we paid saved us a bunch of money.

And BTW, only 2% or so of Canadians ever avail themselves of US healthcare, despite claims that Canadians flock to the US to get care they can't get on time in Canada. Just ain't so.

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