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Comment Still looking for p2p Video Conferencing (Score 1) 148 148

We are still in the hosted communications world and I haven't found an application as easy to use as Skype that is p2p.

I want secure p2p video conferencing that I can control and know there is no middle man involved. Cisco might sell it to me for thousands of dollars. I like free better. I looked at Qnext yesterday, which wasn't bad..

Any ideas?

Comment Call this one a Dupe (Score 0, Troll) 345 345

Really there is nothing new in this 'story' so I'm calling it a dupe. The title includes 'Stashed $150,00 in Shoe Boxes'. Is that news? Is someone trying to build a case? Because we all know its a terrible crime to put cash in a shoe box. Come on. There is no useful information here.

Comment "Never ask a Navy man (Score 0, Troll) 55 55

if he'll have another drink. It's nobodies God damned business how many he's had already, right?"

"Wrong! Your drinking too much Your Excellency."

"Excellency. Fiddlesticks! My name is Fred! I'm just a man like you."

"Your not a man your bishop! For God Sakes!"

"There is no God."


When On the Moon and Mars, Move Underground 294 294

astroengine writes "Recent observations of the lunar and martian surface are turning up multiple discoveries of 'skylights' — collapsed roofs of hollow rilles or lava tubes. These holes into ready-made underground bunkers could provide ideal shelter for future manned bases on the two worlds. Firstly, they would provide shelter from the barrage of micrometeorites, solar x-rays and deep space cosmic rays. Secondly, they'd help protect our burgeoning colonists from the extreme swings in surface temperature (on the moon, temperatures vary by 500 degrees F, but inside these lava tubes, the environment remains at a fairly constant -35 degrees). Thirdly, the sci-fi notion of underground space cities could become a reality."

Comment Re:Porn? (Score 1) 664 664

A lot of it is just made up like like those bigoted Barrack Husein Obama posters.

Huh? Which one's are those? That's his name..

These are not people engaging in legitimate free speech..

Ah, herein lies the problem doesn't it? What if I said this was legitimate? Who is going to make that call? You?

Comment LMFAO (Score 3, Funny) 1238 1238

It's time for the US to give Texas back to Mexico.

Sure. You just have to get the okay from Texans, who'd probably go independent first. For that matter, they'd probably burn their own cities and salt every farm & ranch before joining Mexico.

..but wait, seriously, no country and western music?


Ultrasound As a Male Contraceptive 599 599

TeslaBoy writes "The BBC has an article about using ultrasound aimed at the testicles as a reversible male contraceptive. This can last for six months. With a grant of $100,000 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, researchers at the University of North Carolina will push ahead with more clinical trials, fine tuning, and safety tests."

"Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit!" -- Looney Tunes, "What's Opera Doc?" (1957, Chuck Jones)