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Comment Still looking for p2p Video Conferencing (Score 1) 148

We are still in the hosted communications world and I haven't found an application as easy to use as Skype that is p2p.

I want secure p2p video conferencing that I can control and know there is no middle man involved. Cisco might sell it to me for thousands of dollars. I like free better. I looked at Qnext yesterday, which wasn't bad..

Any ideas?

Comment Call this one a Dupe (Score 0, Troll) 345

Really there is nothing new in this 'story' so I'm calling it a dupe. The title includes 'Stashed $150,00 in Shoe Boxes'. Is that news? Is someone trying to build a case? Because we all know its a terrible crime to put cash in a shoe box. Come on. There is no useful information here.

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