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Comment Re:Go BIG, Dell, or go home to mama (Score 2) 77

Dell has a developer version of the XPS 13 inifinity edge laptop that is $100 cheaper and ships with Ubuntu pre-installed. Furthermore the hardware is identical so all drivers are supported for install on the widows version. I am assuming that with a little work these drivers and tools could be ported to other distros if needed. I plan on getting the windos version of an XPS in the next year or two so that I can install linux and use the windows licence on a virtual machine as I am now so that I can run Autodesk Inventor and other other few pieces of software that I use with no linux parallels.

Comment Re:Phenomenal (Score 1) 242

They originally had Irfan Khan for the role of Venkat Kapoor, but shooting conflicts caused him to drop out. They got Chiwetel Ejiofor as a replacement and I think he did a great job. Most importantly they maintain the very diverse cast of characters that the book had, not white-wash it like many Hollywood movies.

Comment Re:ZOK!, POW!, BAM!, OOOF! (Score 3, Interesting) 47

It is a modified Lincoln Concept Car. It was a one off (there might be a couple of them...but it was never mass-produced) that was then modified. You can not buy the base car, as it was never for sale for the general public. 4.2 million is a lot for any car...but this one is unique with a interesting and culturally relevant history. It may even pay for itself eventually with paid showings at car shows and comic conventions; and is future resale value will probably go up with time; not down. There are a lot of other thing this man could have wasted his money on...at least it wasn't bought with bailout money.

Comment Re:Also, (Score 1) 516

So totally off topic, but prompted by your last sentence: I'm currently renting a car, a Toyota Yaris, I think. They moved the WHOLE DASH to the CENTER.

This: http://www.carid.com/dash-kit-gallery/images/dash-kits/Toyota_Yaris_2006-UP_2427BE_A04.jpg

Oh my god, It is the worst ever. I feel like I'm a danger on the road every time I try to check my speed. Who in their right minds thought this was a good idea?

My xA has the same setup. It's fine...if your staring at the speedometer, you're doing it wrong. You should be glancing down and with the xA the gauges are almost always in your peripheral vision. This means that our eyes are mostly on the road ahead.

Comment As a computer/technology teacher (Score 2) 268

I like to have my lab set up with tables put together in the middle of the room with computers around that wall. This allows space for lessons and planning away from the keyboards. Students like to move tables around when they are working in groups. Computers around the wall gives me a view of all the screens allowing me to keep students on task.

Comment Not to sound harsh, but... (Score 4, Insightful) 284

33 children injured total is not a huge number. I think more children are injured by electrical outlets, knives, stoves, etc around the house each day. Parents need to watch their kids. The child in the summary would have had a lot less trouble if they had taken the kid to the doctor immediately; rather then waiting a few days. If the child is in pain they need to get the kid checked out asap. That being said there could be a warning in the box stating that swallowed magnets warrant a trip to the doctor, but I don't see why this a news fro nerd or really something that matters to most.

Comment As the resident nerd teacher at my school (Score 1) 415

I tend to form close relationships to the nerdy students in the school, and I tend to have more in common with them then the other teachers I work with. I also politely inform each student that tries to friend me on Facebook that I won't friend them until graduation, since I use my Facebook for personal rather then profession purposes. Once they graduate I have no problem friending them if they approach me again.

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