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Comment Re:Oh boy! (Score 5, Insightful) 204

Except that's how it's going to be applied. Use the word react in your youtube title, tags, or description and it'll be yanked! (or FineBros will take your ad money) I understand the business necessity to trademark your work(s), but in the context of youtube, it's merely a means to bully everyone. Even if that's not their intent, it's going to be very hard not to.

Ask Devinsupertramp how that works.

Comment Re:Encryption aside (Score 1) 336

Is the Baofeng FCC approved?

No, they are not. And they never will be... (1) due simply to cost, and (2) because they don't meet FCC rules for FRS or GMRS -- removable antennae, excessive power, operates outside the allowed frequency plan, ... If you hold an amateur radio license, they you can legally operate one, but it's up to you to program it correctly.

Comment Re:Wannabe soldiers (Score 4, Informative) 336

True. But the radios the US military uses don't have to obey any rules of any nation. They sure as shit don't listen to the FCC. Look up the specs on those fancy Harris encrypting radios they have everywhere. (I could go to jail for just holding one of those things. :-))

First, those chinese radios are, to the letter of the law, illegal in the US -- they violate MANY rules for GMRS and FRS radios; plus, if they're like the ones I have, they arrive with FM transmit enabled. Encryption is absolutely illegal; and the cost and complexity keeps it out of the market.

(as with all things, the loophole is encrypting things before it gets to the radio. i.e. WEP/WPA/SSL over WiFi, VOIP + TLS, etc. In short, the radio didn't encrypt it.)

Comment Re: wut? (Score 1) 113

I'd have to say that Uber holds all the cards when the time comes to distribute the work.

No, Uber doesn't. Uber is not telling drivers where to go, who to pick up, and take elsewhere. The Uber driver selects who they want to pick up, and by extension where they go. Questionable fare (poor uber rating) or sketchy neighborhood, don't take it. Uber doesn't assign a driver, the driver picks their fare knowing exactly who they are, where they are, and where they want to go.

Comment Re:Responsible enough to carry a loaded weapon, (Score 1) 500

No it doesn't. Firearms in checked bags are subject to a lot of red tape as well. (documentation, locks, and tamper proof hard case) You cannot simply "forget" there's a gun in your cheap-ass walmart cloth case at check-in.

(And even when you follow the rules, the former janitors now working "security" don't know or give a single shit about those rules and make your life hell for legally transporting a firearm.)

Comment Re:What do you use the penny for? (Score 1) 702

Yes, a lot of transactions are "paperless" these days, but almost every small transaction (latte, burger, vending machines...) are done with cash, because the overhead of a credit/debit card is immense. Plus, when your CC processing system is unavailable, you're out of business. Oh how many times have I been to a McDonald's and the first thing they scream at you is "CASH ONLY, the machine's down", or had to walk across the lot to pay cash for gas because their idiot machines can't stay connected.

Comment Re:ARGH (Score 1) 720

Yes, YES MICROSOFT IS forcing people to "upgrade". They are hiding the "get windows 10" bullshit as a "recommended update" (and briefly tagged it "required"), and it's downloading (and by some reports INSTALLING) Windows 10 without even asking. And it's no longer giving users the option to say no.

Yes, Apple will nag that there's an update, but they don't download it without your permission, and they don't pre-install it so you can reboot into the new version instantly.

Comment Re:ARGH (Score 1) 720

That might work for the far simpler XP -- for which "activation" can be legitimately permanently disabled. Windows 7 (and beyond) have no such mode, and are far more aware of hardware changes. If the virtual hardware doesn't almost precisely match the physical hardware, re-activation will be required. OEM VLK's are a serious pain to use in a VM -- and you have to make damn sure the physical "fingerprint" follows that VM everywhere. Even a retail key will need re-activation if the hardware changes too much or too often.

(I run into this all the time. XP: trivial to fix, Win7: fixable with a few tricks, Win10: those tricks don't work anymore)

Comment Re:ARGH (Score 1) 720

Disable what? 38 KBs and their brothers, and any newer one's the mothership demands you install? GWX is one update (that they've re-released a few times), but there are MANY others bringing parts of WinX into your system.

(I suppose if that "behind the scenes" thing was "block all of Microsoft", then that would, indeed, work.)

Comment Re:The brief puff of black soot... (Score 1) 496

Yes, it is. Various aquatic life (including plants) require specific pH (among other variables) for their life processes to function. The issue isn't so much that the pH will shift so far as to kill "everything", but far enough to kill the algae you want to be there, which will be replaced by stuff you don't want. There are lots of species of algae, the non-green kinds you really don't want filling the oceans.

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