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Comment: Re:Umm, what? (Score 1) 221

by Cramer (#48191573) Attached to: Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime

There's the "master" linux, then the various side-branches for various developers, subsystems, and the like that does find its way back into the "linus tree" in part or whole. Then there's the significant stack of modifications found in almost all major distributions. And then there are a number of very specialized "forks" that most have never heard of, or care about. (Android is the only one most have heard of, but many don't know it's Linux.)

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by Cramer (#48173873) Attached to: The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

We were searching for "high temperature" superconductors. (where "high" was well above the 4 K of the day.) And then "room temperature" ones. -- I've made several different chemistries of liquid nitrogen superconductors. (long long ago) Then the problem was (is?) making bendable wires out of it, since it's a ceramic material.

The concept of fusion isn't new to science. We know how to induce fusion via a multitude of methods. The thing is, none of them are net positive in energy production. None. Of. Them. High energy fusion (replicating a star) takes unimaginable amounts of energy, and we've yet to create anything stable enough to run for even a few seconds. Net positive low energy fusion ("cold fusion") similarly eludes us. Yes, we can cause fusion (eg, by capture of low energy neutrons), but it's an energy consumer.

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by Cramer (#48172089) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

Other than the issue of no one maintaining the sysvinit shell scripts, and at some point in the very near future, the sysvinit package(s) being removed entirely??? (and that's not even counting the growing number of projects infected with the systemd cancer that are going to require significant parts of systemd be installed in the first place.)

Hopefully, this "re-think" will reverse the first two, and start to quell the later.

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by Cramer (#48172007) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

Right, a file generated by the computer cannot be altered/regenerated by that same computer? Bull. The signing information is somewhere on the system (in the logging process's memory at minimum), so an enterprising hacker can steal it and start making a mess of the logs.

The people who are serious about logging security and integrity do not trust the system that generated the message(s). They are, instead, streamed to other systems making it very difficult to "rollback the universe" -- once the message is sent, there's no recalling it.

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With binary blobs, it's less "rewrite" and more "corrupt". As anyone who's used InnoDB will attest, it doesn't take many flipped bits to turn a blob into a pile of garbage. And the most common action of hackers is a) delete the log files, or b) write over them.

People who are paranoid about this sort of thing, use syslog forwarding to a machine that cannot be remotely accessed. (the age-old "rx-only" ethernet cable.)

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by Cramer (#48154233) Attached to: Facebook and Apple Now Pay For Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

Am I prohibited from walking up that ramp, or pushing the automatic door button, or using the bigger "handicapped" bathroom stall? Nope. I am legally prohibited from parking in the marked handicap parking spaces, without a permit.

Those "amenities" weren't installed for that sole employee. They were done to meet federal law. ("ADA")

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by Cramer (#48153731) Attached to: Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker

You either have all of the necessary protective gear, and use it every time , or you might as well be naked, licking every surface. Ebola is not something to joke around with; take it seriously or it will very likely kill you.

If you suspect you have Ebola, you don't call a cab to take you to the emergency room, where you sit in the waiting room exposing hundreds of people for hours. Call your local health department, or the CDC, and lock yourself inside your already contaminated to hell house/apartment/condo/cardboard box/whatever. You stay the f*** away from other people.

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