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Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score -1) 162

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

China is getting rid of the foreign reserves at some speed after it decoupled itself from the USD a month and a half ago as I mentioned more than once here. China is now on the path of rejecting the inflation that is imposed by the USA Federal reserve, Treasury (should be called Debtory instead, it has no treasure, only debt) and the rest of the USA government.

Chinese economy is the strongest economy in the world today, manufacturing and producing enough to satisfy the global demand and with this decoupling from the crippled US dollar, the Chinese Yuan will be going up as the USD bubble will burst.

Chinese are doing the correct thing by getting rid of the USD and US bond 'reserves' (worthless paper IOUs, the both of them). China also is underhandedly growing its gold reserves, not as much as they should, but they are growing them at least.

USD bubble is coming to an end, Chinese see it better from far away apparently than the Americans right in the middle of it.

Comment Re:Outside factors (Score 2) 184

I took an algorithms course at Harvard. It was just as hard as anything I took at MIT, and I took 18.313 back when G.C. Rota was still alive (greatest math teacher ever, by the way).

Of course there are people who are there because they're "legacies", and I suppose they take different courses, but the kids who get in because they're smart are pretty damned smart.

As for left-wing indoctrination, Harvard is a bastion of the establishment. The prep school crowd in particular has been thoroughly indoctrinated in the perfection of capitalism and the moral entitlement of the ruling classes. It doesn't mean that some of them aren't apostates, of course.

Comment Re:So basically 1-track MOD tracker (Score 1) 54

The Apple ][ had very very bad hardware. You could basically ping the speaker, that's it. People built around that, making libraries that eventually became sound, then music. The Amiga had really good sound hardware (as did the Commodore 64), so not a lot of "geek builder cred" there. The PC had whatever hardware you put in, from the bare bones "ping the speaker" that essentially Apple had, to real dedicated spend a hundred or so sound cards. that makes PCs "it depends"

I heard stories of the old days of mainframes where they used disc packs for sound - access them a certain way for certain sounds that can be called "music" if you try hard enough.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 278

Politicians, who are government pass laws that put people into prisons. 'Privatezed Prisons' in USA are not actually private, otherwise there would be no government money in it. I am all for private prisons, private criminal system, I am against government money involved in any of it.

Koch Brothers? The people who are paying the taxes that the mob lives off of.

Comment Comments here kind of tell a tale as well. (Score 4, Insightful) 681

I've seen references to "don't get your panties in a bunch", Mr Garrett called "girly" in a negative tone, and a "pussy", in a negative tone. And people wonder why some form the opinion of developers as sexist?

And we all talk about OpenSource as choice, yet when someone chooses to leave a project because of non-technical issues such as language choice from managers, we deride them. So, choice is good, as long as you choose to follow what I tell you...

anyways, carry on.

Comment Not so Mild Irony (Score 1) 411

Weren't the founders worried about Russia and data collection from the government? They've created away of collecting data about you across multiple devices and environments that the CIA/NSA/KGB/The Stasi do/would dream about. As indicated by the NSA trying to use Google cookies to track users. The additional irony of Google then being pissed that the NSA using those cookies to track. Hey only WE can track people across everything, not agents of an elected government.

(The last sentence is not saying NSA are choir boys in this, just that Google a company that 99.999999% of humans have no control over is tracking me with much greater efficiency than a government that i can conceivably vote out of office).

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 278

You are confused as to what a government is. A government has the 'legal authority' to steal from me, to kidnap me and to murder me. No corporation has the legal authority to do that. A government uses mob power that it buys with promises to the mob at the expense of the people who are actually paying for all these promises. A government is a system that I will never see as anything but an evil collective whose purpose is to steal from me and if I try to protect myself from it then to kidnap me and maybe murder me.

A corporation does not have legitimate power to steal, kidnap and murder, unless corporations get that type of power, they are not governments. As to TPP making the power of corporations stronger, there are some issues with it and I voiced them in my original response to your question 'has anybody seen someone in favour of TPP'. I answered your question (got moderated down as always for saying anything on this site) but there it is.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 917

Well, this is what you get when you have a project run by rock star developers.

Now it would be better if people were more mature in their communications, but the bottom line is that (a) they're smarter than almost everyone else they know, (b) they know their work better than anyone else and care deeply about it, and (c) they get results. Under the circumstances have no reason to act like grown ups. They're not only rock stars, they're still churning out hits.

It's no wonder that they take the attitude "the world has to take me uncensored, and if anyone doesn't like that then it's their problem." It's a perfectly understandable attitude, but it's not an admirable one. Trying tact first won't necessarily make you more successful, especially if you're a rock star. But it won't make you less successful either; after all if tact fails the option of publicly humiliating someone by showing how much stupider they are than you is still open. What it will make you is a better person.

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