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+ - In-Vitro Muscle Cells. It's What's For Dinner->

Submitted by wanzeo
wanzeo (1800058) writes "Within the last decade, many of us have experienced the encroachment of ethics into our mealtime. Phrases such as vegetarian, vegan, organic, bST, GMO, etc. have become part of common grocery store advertising. The most recent addition to the list of ethically charged food is in-vitro meat, or meat that was cultured in a petri dish, and was never part of a live animal. The project has been brought to fruition by Mark Post, a biologist at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Grown using animal stem-cells on a nutrient medium, the nearly see-through strips of muscle would need to be stacked nearly 3,000 times to approach the thickness of a burger. The practice promises to be more humane, sustainable, and efficient than conventional meats, with one analysis suggesting it would, "use 35 to 60 percent less energy, emit 80 to 95 percent less greenhouse gas and use around 98 percent less land". In a world where nearly half of all crop production is used to feed livestock, a move towards artificial meat may be inevitable."
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FBI Takes Out $14M DNS Malware Operation 57

Posted by samzenpus
from the take-em-down dept.
coondoggie writes "U.S. law enforcement today said it had smashed what it called a massive, sophisticated Internet fraud scheme that injected malware in more than four million computers in over 100 countries while generating $14 million in illegitimate income. Of the computers infected with malware, at least 500,000 were in the United States, including computers belonging to U.S. government agencies, such as NASA."

+ - now only with Facbook and own login->

Submitted by
CptnHarlock writes "Today the registered users of received an email from them informing them that the site has ended support for Yahoo, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn as a way to sign into their site. Facebook is the sole external way to log in left. A local login and password were generated and sent by email and the old (non-facebook) logins deactivated. Score another one for in the login consolidation wars."
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+ - DynDNS under DDoS attack->

Submitted by mattrwilliams
mattrwilliams (534984) writes "DynDNS is currently experiencing a DDoS attack. According to their website: "Beginning at 1520 UTC, we are experiencing a DDoS against the Standard DNS nameservers. Customers may be seeing overall decreased performance during this time.

During this time, zones who update via DNS transfers (AXFR) will not be up to date.

As of 1700 UTC, some Dyn Standard DNS nameservers are back online. Dyn Operations staff continue to work to restore full connectivity to all Dyn Standard DNS nameservers.""

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The Military

+ - The F-35 story-> 1

Submitted by
phyzz writes "After 10 years in development and numerous cost and schedule overruns, the JSF program aimed at replacing several aircrafts from three major military services and partner nations with a fifth generation aircraft capable of STOVL as sustained supersonic flight in an affordable package finally gets some test points validated, yet faces an uphill fight against budget reductions. Bloomberg has this interesting story about the program's troubled past."
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+ - Global CO2 levels rise past worst-case scenarios->

Submitted by phx_zs
phx_zs (1772496) writes "Many news sources recently reported on the latest figures from the US government agency CDIAC (Carbon Dioxide Information & Analysis Center), which showed an alarming rise in CO2 levels beyond the IPCC's "worst case scenarios" from 2009 to 2010. Actual data here:

Also to note:
"Much of the 5.9% global increase from 2009 to 2010 is due to increased emissions from the world's largest fossil-fuel emitter, the People's Republic of China, where emissions rose 10%""

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+ - TDP: The Darknet Plan->

Submitted by
gabrielpark writes "A group of Internet activists gathered last week in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel to begin planning an ambitious project—they hope to overcome electronic surveillance and censorship by creating a whole new Internet. The group, which coordinates its efforts through the Reddit social networking site, calls its endeavor The Darknet Project (TDP). (I thought it was "The Darknet PLAN", but whatever...)"
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+ - Global BGP issues due to Juniper bug-> 3

Submitted by
FST777 writes "Many folks around the globe report Level 3 was down, however, the cause might be even more global. Apparently, a firmware bug in JunOS 10.3 (and possibly also 10.2) caused many, many Juniper routers to reboot upon an incoming BGP update (which might have been crafted to do just that).

Needless to say, all Juniper routers disappearing from the global BGP tables has quite an impact."

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+ - Best I.T. Apps for Mobile?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "While trying to search for I.T. apps for mobile devices, it seems that there are many apps that do the same thing. Which are the best? Some simple desires are SSH capabilities, remote control, network monitoring, Active Directory Password resets, WiFi surveillance, etc. I recently was issued a company iPhone and would like to know which are the best applications to load to help out with my job, without having to sort through the thousands of mediocre ones. Which apps have you had good experiences with?"

+ - A Real World 'Superhero' Arrested in Seattle->

Submitted by
kkleiner writes "Get ready for a new kind of hero, the really laughable kind. By day he’s 23 year old Benjamin Fodor – husband and father. By night he’s Phoenix Jones, the leader of Seattle’s growing superhero community. Yes, that’s right, Seattle has a real world equivalent of the Justice League, the Rain City Superhero Movement, and they actually try to fight crime. Sometimes they end up on the wrong side of the law. Fodor was recently arrested after allegedly breaking up a fight using pepper spray, perhaps injuring bystanders."
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+ - Pirate Party Invited To, And Banned From Gaming Ex->

Submitted by esocid
esocid (946821) writes "Despite having booked and paid for their booth at Gamex, Sweden'½Â(TM)s largest gaming exhibition, the Pirate Party have been excluded from the action this week. The party, who say they were nagged for 2 to 3 months to book for the event, were this week informed they were too controversial and no longer welcome. All the big names in interactive entertainment are there showing off their wares, including giants such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Nintendo. Pirate Party leader Anna Troberg says that after the sales people from the exhibition pursued the party for months to participate, they decided to book and pay for a booth. “I thought it was a bit strange, but in the afternoon, the pieces fell into place when the fair manager, Bear Wengse, phoned me and kindly, but firmly, announced that the Pirate Party was no longer welcome at the fair.”

Wengse informed Troberg that the exhibition is a meeting place and not a venue for political conflict and the party’s presence could cause problems, particularly since some of their work “could be perceived as criminal.” Despite the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League (SSU) being allowed to appear – even though they too support the decriminalization of non-commercial file sharing."

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+ - Internet Dies for 30 Seconds->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Scrambling to troubleshoot why our internet connectivity was lost — every test came up non-conclusive. While performing post-incident followups, we discovered the outage was far greater than we anticipated."
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+ - Massive DNS Cache Poisoning Hits Brazil-> 1

Submitted by Orome1
Orome1 (1901578) writes "A massive DNS cache poisoning attack attempting to infect users trying to access popular websites is currently under way in Brazil, according to Kaspersky Lab expert Fabio Assolini. Brazil has some big ISPs. Official statistics suggest the country has 73 million computers connected to the Internet, and the major ISPs average 3 or 4 million customers each. If a cybercriminal can change the DNS cache in just one server, the number of potential victims is huge. And that is exactly what has been happening during last week. Users trying to reach Google, YouTube, Facebook and other popular global and local sites were being faced with pop-up windows telling them to install "Google Defence" and similar thematic software or Java applet in order to be able to access the wanted site."
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+ - Why Copyright Reform Is Not the Cure for What Ails->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This weekend, Michael Geist delivered a keynote address at the Nova Scotia Music Week conference. The talk — Why Copyright Reform Is Not the Cure for What Ails the Music Industry (YouTube, — offers a complete takedown of the industry's talking points on lost sales and the impact of peer-to-peer file sharing while explaining why the implications of the proposed Canadian DMCA for statutory damages, ISP liability, and digital locks."
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The Military

+ - Missteps Led to Drone Killing U.S. Troops->

Submitted by mrquagmire
mrquagmire (2326560) writes "On the evening of April 5, a pilot settled into a leather captain's chair at Creech Air Force Base in southern Nevada and took the controls of a Predator drone flying over one of the most violent areas of southwestern Afghanistan. Three figures, fuzzy blobs on the pilot's small black-and-white screen, lay in a poppy field a couple of hundred yards from the road.

"Hey now, wait. Standby on these," the pilot cautioned. "They could be animals in the field." Seconds later, tiny white flashes appeared by the figures — the heat signature of gunfire. "There they are," he said, now sure he was looking at the enemy.

Thirty-one seconds after the pilot reported muzzle flashes, the Marines at Alcatraz ordered that the Predator be prepared to strike if the shooters could be confirmed as hostile. At 8:49 a.m., 29 minutes after the ambush began, they authorized the pilot to fire. In minutes, two Americans would be dead."

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