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Comment Every time I read of these audits... (Score 1) 307

I see a trend in that the BSA or whichever witch-hunter is mining information on existing licensees, looking for differences in numbers of seats for OS, office suite, email users, etc... So, for the business that wishes to avoid this nonsense, it appears that pirating every single piece of proprietary software they use would be safer than trying to license some, most, or even all of it without some kind of bulletproof guaranteed software accounting and desktop lockdowns in place. Obviously, full-on use of free software would beat that, but I'm just noticing that the people getting "busted" seem to always be those who made some purchases.

Comment Re:Summary wrong (Score 1) 191

A measurement cannot have such great precision that the inaccuracy in the measurement is shorter than the plank length.

That is not known to be the case. Got a reference for that?
It's also something entirely different from suggesting that space is discretized in Planck-length units, which is certainly not the case. In fact, it's a fundamental postulate of QM that the wave function is smooth and continuous (and hence, so is the location-probability distribution). If it wasn't continuous, then you'd end up with undefined momentum.

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