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+ - Yes, Virginia, Black Holes Exist!

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang writes: "And so what these three papers, in tandem, have done, is demonstrate that there is no firewall and that the resolution to the firewall paradox is that the first assumption, that Hawking radiation is in a pure state, is the one that’s flawed.

You won’t read about this in the popular write-ups because it doesn’t have a catchy headline, it’s complex, and it’s not work by someone that’s already very famous for other work. But it’s right. Hawking radiation is not in a pure state, and without that pure state, there’s no firewall, and no paradox.

There is still an incredible amount to learn and understand about black holes, event horizons, and the behavior of quantum systems in strongly curved spacetime, to be sure, and there’s lots of very interesting research ahead. These findings arguably raise more questions than they answer, although at least we know that black holes won’t fry you when you fall in; it will still be death by spaghettification, not by incineration!"

Listen to what the best science has to say, not just to the most prominent scientist who says things.

Comment: Re:Pre-Roasted Coffee (Score 1) 76

by Cow007 (#45708625) Attached to: Interview: Ask Alan Adler About Flying Toys and the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Invalid argument. The coffee is chemically active so the flavor CHANGES after a short amount of time. If you have not had coffee just roasted and tried it over a period of days you would not know the difference. The easiest way to describe is that it gets mellower and less sweet. As to weather it really makes a difference that is subjective. If trying to brew the PERFECT cup of coffee however then it definitely makes a difference. Coffee being discovered in Ethiopia tends to give enormous credibility to the practices and methodology of Ethiopians regarding coffee. The initial period of 12-24 hours for degassing, standard practice among europeans is ignored since all the coffee is used right away. This mostly applies to bubbles that foam up during brewing but coffee that has not degassed has a wilder flavor also. In practice at home I usually use it within 2-4 days but after 5-7 days it is not the same. as before of directly after the 12-24 hour period; first getting mellower and then towards bitter.

Comment: Pre-Roasted Coffee (Score 1) 76

by Cow007 (#45705735) Attached to: Interview: Ask Alan Adler About Flying Toys and the Perfect Cup of Coffee
What are your thoughts regarding pre roasted coffee versus roasting at home? (I personally roast at home with a popcorn popper and find that it produces better results at a lower price. The founding belief being that coffee being a chemically active substance after it is roasted makes it theoretically impossible to store roasted coffee and retain the original flavor since it can't be stored at absolute zero.)

Comment: Lead? (Score 1) 116

by Cow007 (#45320061) Attached to: Mobile Devices Banned From UK Cabinet Meetings Over Surveillance Fears
Maybe it was an illustrative device but you would not need to use lead. The standard practice is to use a Faraday bag or case which could be made of lots of different materials including lead as long as it is electrically connected to the closure. Lead is used for radiation shielding but for electro magnetic shielding a Faraday bag or cage is used...

Comment: Net Metering (Score 1) 207

My comment is regarding net metering in general not specifically as it applies to solar. This is a bigger issue; it's not just with solar that net metering comes into play. I know someone who has a factory and a hydroelectric plant. He sells the energy to the electric company and buys it back at a very small markup. "If you make extra power the electric company is bound by law to buy it." I see no reason to change this; its simply common sense and it applies to more than just solar. These rules have been around for longer than solar was a thing for private citizens and everyone wins. Use of smart meters is especially helpful in these scenarios since the grid is aware when extra power is being generated as well as when it's needed.

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