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Is There Such a Thing As Absolute Hot? 388

AlpineR writes "Is there an opposite to absolute zero? An article from PBS's NOVA online explains several theories of the maximum possible temperature. Maybe it's the Planck temperature, 10^32 K, beyond which the known laws of physics break down. Or maybe just 10^30 K, the limit of some versions of string theory. If space is actually 11-dimensional then the maximum temperature could even be as low as 10^17 K, attainable by the Large Hadron Collider. Or maybe infinite temperature wraps around to negative temperature and absolute hot is the same as absolute cold."

Giant Ocean Vortex Discovered 141

Darkman, Walkin Dude writes "Dubbed a "death trap" by a team of scientists from The University of Western Australia Murdoch University, CSIRO and three American, French and Spanish research institutions, a 200km in diameter and 1000m deep ocean vortex has been discovered off the Rottnest Canyon. Visible from space, scientists claim is has the potential to affect the local climate and the climate further abroad, the vortex is acting as a "death trap" by sucking in fish larvae from closer to the shore."
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Journal Journal: ABS support sucks. 2

So, 5 months ago we bought a pair of laptops to replace our aging workhorses. I wanted an A64 processor, and decent video, so after some hunting I settled on a uniwill-based ABS G3 machine. We got 2 of them.

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Journal Journal: Bread And yet more tests... (an update)

So... its been awhile since I've done the /. journal thing... here is a quick update on my health (since I left people hanging with my last post):

In Feb/March they determined (after may a test) I had a 12mm stone in my left kidney, and a 4.5 mm stone in my right. The pain was getting worse, and I was put on vicadin. Needless to say my work suffered. I did have good days, but not enough. On doctors orders I began drinking lots and lots of water.

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Journal Journal: More tests, Yay! 2

Ok, so last week I went to the doctor and found out that I probably have kidney stones - thus explaining the visible blood in my urine and extreme pain I've had reoccuring recently.

Today my X-Rays came back normal, so now I get to go have more tests done - one of which involves being injected with a radioactively tagged fluid that my kidneys will process. Joy.

I hate hopsitals.


Journal Journal: Did you Know? 1

An interesting thing I just found in the karma FAQs:

Positive moderation of type 'funny' does not help your karma,


Negative moderation, even when against a highly rated joke, Does affect your karma.

So, jokes only have the potential to _lower_ your karma.

Anyone else find this rather odd?


Journal Journal: A 4 opteron workstation.

So, a friend has an opteron server - 4 model 846s, to be exact, which he has been planning on using to redo his main webserver. Apparently he either got really curious, or he is serious about it, but he messaged me and asked:

"Does XP Pro support 4 processors?"


That'll be one monster workstation - too bad the video will be PCI.

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Journal Journal: downloading slashcode 1

saw this article on the frontpage.

I like the alternate look they have.

They missed out on a few things that would be possible to reduce bandwidth even more - namely, removing redundant tabs and newlines from the source - it'd save an extra 2kb per page view.

Journal Journal: Opteron benchmarks

Well, back in april I did a bunch of benchmarks on pre-release dual and quad processor Opteron servers. The kernel compiles were published (since they were done first), but the rest never made it up.


Journal Journal: First foe

got so sick of him I makred his as a Foe. I'm not the first to do so, I doubt I'll be the last.

Relatedly, I have a fan I don't recognize, which is shameful considering how close our uids are.

Edit: When you edit a journal entry, it seems you loose the journal icon...!?

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