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Role Playing (Games)

BlizzCon Keynote — New WoW Expansion, Diablo 3 Details 316

Posted by Soulskill
from the here-it-is dept.
BlizzCon kicked off this morning with a keynote address that brought some major announcements for some of their games. First, World of Warcraft's third expansion, Cataclysm, was officially revealed. It differs from the previous expansions in that they will not be creating an entirely new continent for players to explore. Instead, the two huge continents from the original game will be going through a literal cataclysm, causing some zones to be destroyed, new ones to become available, and existing ones to be entirely revamped. Big news came for Diablo III as well, with the announcement of the Monk class and a trailer showing how it plays. More details for both games as well as StarCraft II will undoubtedly become available over the next few days, but read on for more about what we already know. If you have any questions, don't forget to post them here.

Comment: Evolution of games and gamers (Score 1) 246

by Cothol (#29081753) Attached to: Financial Issues May Force Changes On Games Industry

I do not agree that evolution of games must mean that they're more expensive to make. Maybe I am not one of the majority but big, long, high-budget games based on some movie IP is not what I am after. I am soon 30 and have a job, I love small and fun games that I can play for a few hours or so without having anxiety for not being able to play for a week. It seems like this market is growing and I sure buy 3-4 casual-gamer games than one high-budget game that I am going to get tired of before I am able to finish it. I think studios that can find a good balance between such releases will be successful.

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