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Comment: UPS sucks (Score 1) 62

by CosaNostra Pizza Inc (#47728681) Attached to: UPS: We've Been Hacked
I hate UPS. Their nearest pickup/dropoff location to me is 35 miles away. For any special delivery instructions, you have to pay a membership fee + a charge for each package you want delivered per instructions. Fedex pickup/dropoff locations, on the other hand, are ubiquitous and there's one just 1 mile from my house.

Comment: Re:Pick a different job. (Score 1) 548

Came here to say this!

And it sucks everywhere except NYC/SF/Austin/Boston

I probably should have gone into some kind of engineering.

After 12 years, I left electrical engineering to go back to school for a CS degree. There was just no work out there in the U.S. unless you had lots of experience with ASIC design or work in the power industry with a professional engineers license. Now, I'm an enterprise software application developer and loving it.

Comment: Re:C++ is not the language you start with (Score 1) 548

Um, why? I don't find it difficult. It may not be the best language to start out with if you are in high school and want to learn object oriented programming but it is easier than say...C++. It has garbage collection, the JVM compiler is mature, its multi-platform, it has libraries and frameworks for whatever you need and its prolific in the enterprise space. Also, its used in Android applications (in addition to C). Java is not going away any time soon.

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