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Comment: Re:alogrithms aren't racist (Score 2) 278 278

I don't believe the algorithm is impugning the humanity of my offspring, I just think it is far-from-perfect.

But is the algorithm even wrong? I think the question to the Google recognizer is "of the images in my collection which ones look most like a seal"? If the collection is mostly all pictures of your kids, it'll show you the pictures of your kids that it thinks have the most in common with what it has as an idea about what seals look like. This isn't to make fun of your kids, of course, it's just its best guess due to the nature of the question that was asked of it. A human could make a similar selection when posed with the same question.

So as to the point of TFA, the searcher asked Google for the pictures that are most likely to be pictures of a gorilla inside his photo collection. If we assume that there were not actual pictures of gorillas in the collection, then the guess might not be a bad one. If you gave any human a set of pictures of a speedboat, a skyscraper, a turtle, a box of cereal, and a woman, and asked the human which one of those things looks most like a gorilla, there's only one truthful answer. It might be an offensive one to some people but that doesn't make the guess mathematically incorrect.

Reading the Twitter stream, Google has decided to censor such results. Their first attempt was to say "if somebody searches for gorilla and it matches a picture with a face in it, don't show that". That failed on two pics where a face wasn't recognized, so they added even more filtering and now they're building an i18n wordlist of "offensive" words to restrict the algorithm's output depending on locale.

Being a for-profit company, one of Google's primary concerns is to not alienate its users, so for them I'm sure it's the right move. But we need to be aware that it is imposing censorship (on itself) and that the output of the algorithm is becoming less useful to some degree to avoid offending some people. It's their trade-off to make, for sure, but for the larger computing community it's a valuable lesson to keep in mind. Such trade-offs need to be made carefully and consciously.

Comment: Re:Port it away from Java... (Score 1) 53 53

But seriously, when modded minecraft takes 6+ gigs

Yawn. Firefox alone accounts for anywhere between 1-3 GB with all my tabs.

This is on an i7-5820k and Nvidia GTX 970 with 32GB ram - a PC that ranks 97% world wide in 3dmark.

The plural of anecdote is not data. For example, on my setup, an FX-8320 with 8GB RAM,a GTX760, and not an SSD in sight runs Minecraft just fine with a couple of mods.

Last but not least, while I understand popularity and ubiquity inspire varying levels of contempt (I'm certainly not innocent on the issue), I've never really understood technical arguments against games. Sure, you have your Arkham Knights, which provided insurmountable problems for a not-insignificant percentage of buyers and deserve a critical look at the code.

Then you've got Minecraft, played by literally hundreds of millions of people with little to no problems, including my 8 year old niece on her potato PC.

There are many things which could be improved in Minecraft. Whether it's going to gobble up 2GB of Ram versus 3 or 4 or 6 isn't that high up on the list.

Comment: Madness (Score 1) 124 124

My favorite so far. Getting around the requirement of having a paid monitoring service for my alarm panel to get notifications of simple events such as arm / disarm.

Get alarm panel. Wire to Linksys voip adapter. Give it extension on asterisk voip server. Configure asterisk with AlarmReceiver so it will understand the Ademco codes via the voip adapter. Configure that to write to a tmp; and another script found online to parse that to decode events and send appropriate email.

I just found all the portions online, so not my hack at all; but just amusing steps to get an alarm panel I actually own to send email events.

Comment: Manage Outsourcing (Score 2) 220 220

You listed a bunch of strengths:
1) she has J2EE experience
2) she lives in Spain where the developer job market sucks
3) she has the talent
4) she'd like to move up to a better job

So, how about she goes and finds un/under-employed local programmers, sets up a syndicate, and manages outsourcing jobs for enterprises in areas where the labor market is tight?

That will gain her marketable sales and management skills which she can then parlay into better career opportunities. Maybe even sell the company once it's successful.

I'm assuming she can speak English about as well as you can, which is plenty good (I can't tell if you're native or not).

Here's the thing that bothers me most about your post, though: she's of child-bearing age, so I'll assume under 40, and you say doing IT is better than picking up a new career now. Don't fool yourself - she'll be working another 40 years (unless the AI's take over) and so she's less than 1/3rd of the way into her career. If you love her, you'll want her to be happy for the next 40 years, and you'll support her in finding/creating something that supports her passions and can pay the bills. So, if she really hates IT, ignore what I wrote above and work hard to help her find her purpose.

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 26 26

Oh, I guess the fact that the unborn life can't consent to its murder makes it OK?

Call me when a fetus can pass a Turing test then we'll talk. We don't have differing moralities on this, just different definitions, and you treating it the other way like there is no alternative is, at best, an argument in bad faith.

My point being, once you've made pleasure the only guide

Once again, as an actual hedonist, I'm offended that you think any of this has anything to do with it. Maybe in your world, where a glimpsed bare ankle immediately fills your shorts with splooge, anything more daring than that might seem like some sort of overcoloured insanity.

There's a reason they're called other people: They are literally not you.

Comment: Re:You can still buy Windows 7? (Score 1) 155 155

That is exactly why the stickers are gone, IMHO too. It is rather easy to find XP Pro/Home stickers. Vista stickers happen occasionally. 7 stickers are rare though in residentials dumpsters.

I don't dumpster dive much more these days, it's not worth the effort.

Comment: Re:That's not what the blockchain is for (Score 1) 45 45

The bitcoin solution is to sell the space to the highest bidder

'A', not 'the'. Sidechains are a much better bitcoin approach (the blockchain need only record the entry and exit points). Marc Andresson's company has been working on just this for a year or more.

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