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Comment Re:Skeptical (Score 1) 561

"But back on topic, I'm certain "Tank" never shot anybody. (He lacks thumbs, at the very minimum.) I doubt his handler would want to either."

He doesn't have to. He and his mutt put hundreds of teens in prison for smoking Marijuana, where some of them were killed or killed themselves, we don't need them to shoot some people on top of that.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 561

"When the bully has a gun, and a legal right to use it, you have two choices: you can submit now and contest the issue later in court, or you can be dead right."

Don't you guys remember Niven's laws?

1. Don't throw shit at an armed man.
2. Don't stand near somebody throwing shit at an armed man.

It's just common sense.

Comment Derp, Lessig (Score 2) 210

Lessig seems to think that people who have power will give it up willingly. Why, because "it's the right thing to do"? Ha, Lessig, tell us another funny one.

We're not going to get approval voting or any other method that satisifies the Condorcet criteria, because Duverger's Law, simply restated, ensures the power of the current political elite.

Lessig did some reasonable work with Creative Commons (even if CC0 is the only free license, CC is still successful). He should use those talents to try to educate people that the "Two Party" system is a cabal of political oligarchs who fleece the people by convincing them they have a choice when in reality there is only "fork over your money or something bad might happen".

Comment Re:Well, goodbye passenger car diesel! (Score 1) 414

"Moreover, diesel fuel is easy and safe to store. "

Those times are over, that was OK in last century but nowadays we have sulphur-poor Diesels of today are so 'clean', they get even eaten by microorganisms.
After 4 weeks, the new fuel oil begins to deteriorate,

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