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Comment Siteground (Score 1) 295

Great for hosting - excellent support - and not bad for domain stuff. (They actually resell Tucows domain services.) I've never had a problem with them. They also are the official host for the Joomla i believe and excel in Joomla/Drupal/WordPress services.

I also use namecheap for domains but avoid their hosting. Kinda flaky.

And GoDaddy is to be avoided at all costs - not just for their service and upselling but for their support of SOPA.

Comment Re:How do I refill it? (Score 4, Funny) 194

This car is going to have a major problem with most people because

The first time there's' a catastrophic failure the 24 hour news stations are going to be showing old films of the Heisenberg. Hydrogen will become the really scary new (again) bogyman. "Oh, the humanity"

But no one will think of all of the gasoline powered cars that came equipped with exploding gas tanks. Chrysler Jeeps being the most recent I can think of.

Why would they show films of the Uncertainty Principle?

Comment Well.... (Score 0) 320

First you'll have to get rid of all those pesky poor people - which increasingly means everyone - since they/we won't be able to afford them.

(The Cash for Clunkers program was another move in that direction since it removed perfectly good automobiles from the market that would typically be used in a few years by people lower on the food chain.)

And yes, I'm serious.

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