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Comment Re:Make IT a real profession (Score 1) 363

Actually, they did start a few years back in offshoring certain medical profession jobs like pharmacist and radiologist, etc., and also various legal profession jobs, and most definitely engineering jobs have been large-scaled offshored since the early 1980s, with Jack Welch of GE leading the way! Your point is not well spoken.

Comment Re:First Name Basis? Rude. (Score 1) 577

Probably more like "Fi-o-ri-na" being more of a mouthful than "Carly". I'd say there's a fairly even split between candidates being identified by first vs. last name. I'm constantly reading and hearing about "Bernie" and "Hillary" as well. "Rand" was called "Rand"and he even marketed himself as "Rand". "John" and "Chris", or even "Donald" are such common names that they don't effectively serve as unique identifiers for the candidates. "Chris 2016!" just doesn't work. Marco might fall into that group as well, but you hear "Marco" and your brain says "Polo". I think "Bush" is obvious because of the family name recognition.

I don't believe it was some sort of sexist conspiracy to demean Fiorina.

Comment Re:Climate Denialism funded entirely by Koch (Score 1) 555

Damn! Why didn't anyone ever tell me that global warming *cough, cough* "CLIMATE CHANGE" was going to cause the collapse of the USA Federal government? For years I've been focused on making environmentally responsible lifestyle choices. Now you tell me that all of my time and effort has only served to prop up the government? That seriously ruins my day.

Well, better to learn late than never. Guess I'm going to the grocery store and buying a bunch of food that has been imported from far, far away (mmmm, bananas & coconut). Next, I'm going home and cranking my thermostats up from 50F to 75F and covering up my solar panels. This weekend I'll go looking for a full sized pickup truck and start planning my first overseas vacation in 15 years.

I was sort of the fence before, but now I am 100% convinced that global warming *cough* "CLIMATE CHANGE" is a complete hoax.

Comment Re:campaign (Score 1) 220

I know exactly how government works. It's like this:

Government: Give us your money or we will throw you in a cage. If you resist being thrown in a cage we will kill you.

Government: Do what we say or we will throw you in a cage. If you resist being thrown in a cage we will kill you.

Foreign policy is very similar. although they typically skip the cage part and go straight into the killing.

Fuck Congress. Every tech worker in the USA could peacefully organize and they still wouldn't give a damn. They don't have a 12% approval rating for nothing. There is no chance for reform through the political process in Washington DC.

Comment Re:Roll-back as in play-back? (Score 1) 72

Can't speak for the OP, but the whole debt-based monetary system is one colossal screw! Sovereign governments give up their monetary power and allow a group of private corporations called "banks" to create the money. Then, the government uses force to coerce the citizenry into using the privately created debt-money. Since the whole money supply, minus a tiny amount of physical currency is really just a series of debt obligations and the banking system is a closed loop, banks are collecting interest on money that they created out of thin air. Via this special power, bankers are permitted to suck wealth out of the productive sectors of society and all people who are doing the real work and creating real wealth. Unless you're a banker, government employee or are operating off the grid, you're getting the screw as well. Watch the short film "Money as Debt"(on youtube) if you're unaware of the "bank screw".

Yes, I'm confused about the Deposit/Investment thing because the government repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, thereby removing the firewall between deposit banks and other financial institutions. Also confused because Goldman Sachs was an investment bank, but in 2008, government waved a magic wand and turned them into a deposit bank so that they could cash in on TARP and Federal Reserve bailout $$$. Even more confused because the FDIC has a documented procedure and legal obligation for handling insolvent banks and the law was flagrantly ignored.

Comment Re:Would similar arguments to that of the NRA appl (Score 1) 286

The NRA has accepted the National Firearms Act of 1934, the Federal Firearms Act of 1968, the National Instant Checks System(NICS) and all of the state level licensing/permit bullshit. Does that mean that N. Korea should accept USA government restrictions on its weapons programs? Your verbiage suggesting that someone (USA?) is "letting" NK develop and acquire weapons is rather telling. As if it's up to the USA government to rule over the world and tell countries what they are allowed to have.

The USA government and media will of course paint NK as the aggressor for its nuke and ICBM tests. Given the USA government's insane foreign policy of bombing, invasion, regime change and global military imperialism however, I don't blame any other country for ramping up its military capabilities.
What would you do as leader of an "Axis of Evil" country?

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 295

Take a few minutes to read a couple of papers: "The Changing Face of War" and "Understanding Fourth Generation Warfare" by William Lind.
For further reference read "The War of the Flea" by Robert Tabor.

All the high tech tanks and planes of the USA military proved useless against a determined insurgency in Vietnam. The Russians encountered the same thing in Afghanistan, as did the Israelis in their occupation of Lebanon.

Now consider the fact that the longest war in the history of the USA has been in Afghanistan where the vaunted USA military has spent 14 years trying to defeat a small insurgency armed only with rifles and improvised explosives. If the USA government can't defeat a few thousand lightly armed insurgents in a country the size of Afghanistan, how are they going to fight a few million similarly armed U.S. citizens in a country 12x (lower 48 states) the size?

Comment Re:American blindspot re guns don't kill, people d (Score 1) 295

The anti-gun crowd conveniently changes their definition of "mass shooting" to claim that mass murders by firearm never happen outside the USA, and then change the definition again to conclude that there were over 300 in the USA last year (including an incident where four kids were "shot" with pellet guns)

No shootings in Australia with four or more victims since 1996? LOL

Seven shot @ Monash University in 2002 (OMG! School Shooting!!!!!) Seven shot in Hectorville in 2011. A family of five shot to death in Lockhart, NSW in 2014.

Search engines are your friend, you lying sack of urbanite excrement.

Comment Re:Since all money is fiat, why have taxes at all? (Score 2) 176

Government doesn't print money (or even do the digital equivalent). They borrow money from private banks and the Federal Reserve. The personal income tax (which was passed at roughly the same time as the Federal Reserve was established) is merely the federal government's tool for guaranteeing that the bankers will always get their interest payments.

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