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Comment BFD (Score 2) 138

"In a time of fascist politicians spouting simplistic slogans about race, religion, terrorism, and censorship, along with whatever other pandering platitudes they believe will win them votes, prestige, power, and control..."

Which is to say *all* politicians.

Comment Big Deal! (Score 1) 72

I almost mean that. Over the weekend I received a marketing email from our electric utility - Green Mountain Power - detailing their new program to provide Tesla Powerwalls to interested customers as part of a new program.

The problem was instead of blind copying the HUNDREDS OF RECIPIENTS they included all our email addresses in the TO: field exposing our names & addresses to everyone who got the message (in violation of their own Privacy Policies). I replied, basically asking them "WTF?" and wondered if they were as careless with their SCADA systems...

The response I got from one of their marketing droids was classic:

"Thanks so much for your email about our mistake in not bcc’ing our Tesla email list. We are very excited about the offering and made a mistake in the way we communicated with you all with the latest news. I tried to give you a call this afternoon to apologize and chat with you about it.

"Would love to connect, please let me know when might be a good time and way to reach you.

"All the best,

I asked her why on earth I would want to "connect" with her and, well, I haven't heard back... not that I expect to.

My point being - this carelessness, lack of concern about privacy, haphazard security all has led me to all but abandon the web which is depressing considering my job IS, for the most part, web-oriented. Not at home any more. And I'm slowly but surely extricating all my online persona since nobody seems to do it right and I'm tired of preaching about it to people who don't give a shit. And why should they? There are no consequences.

There. I feel much better now.

Comment Cartoons (Score 1) 37

I wonder how many missions NASA could fund if they quit doing the fucking animations.

I can watch cartoons on the Disney Channel. I started to watch their video but left after 20 seconds of animation. Show the damn pictures.

Incidentally, and as an aside, years ago I had a friend in Houston who left NASA. This was shortly after a new version of Windows was rolled out and he got sick and tired of having his computer spontaneously reboot after updates were installed in the middle if the day.

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