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Comment Cartoons (Score 1) 37

I wonder how many missions NASA could fund if they quit doing the fucking animations.

I can watch cartoons on the Disney Channel. I started to watch their video but left after 20 seconds of animation. Show the damn pictures.

Incidentally, and as an aside, years ago I had a friend in Houston who left NASA. This was shortly after a new version of Windows was rolled out and he got sick and tired of having his computer spontaneously reboot after updates were installed in the middle if the day.

Comment Siteground (Score 1) 295

Great for hosting - excellent support - and not bad for domain stuff. (They actually resell Tucows domain services.) I've never had a problem with them. They also are the official host for the Joomla i believe and excel in Joomla/Drupal/WordPress services.

I also use namecheap for domains but avoid their hosting. Kinda flaky.

And GoDaddy is to be avoided at all costs - not just for their service and upselling but for their support of SOPA.

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