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Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 1) 92

When I was working IT for a small company, we ended up being blacklisted because a workstation had a virus. The fact that the workstation had 0 chance of actually spamming didn't matter to them, they required the workstation to be rebuilt. Proper network design is to not allow outgoing email connections from anywhere but the email server, but that just isn't good enough for the rabid anti spam groups.

Comment Re:Here's an obvious power saving solution... (Score 1) 194

So, the stresses from thermal expansion are nothing?

Going from room temperature to running temperature is what causes the fatigue, and in fact was an issue with nVidia cards at one point. Power cycling does cause component fatigue, just not often enough to care about unless you have a component that didn't take it into account in the design, or used the wrong material in construction.

Comment Re:Fuck Off (Score 1) 194

I had one person on here tell me I should go out and buy a more efficient car to go along with my pickup as it is so inefficient. I think they failed logic class.

My pickup gets 15.4 miles to the gallon, I go through a tank (~25 gal) a week, spending between $60 and $80 (at the peak of the oil prices). So, my truck costs me max of $400 a month to run, and I am supposed to go out and buy an efficient car to save money/gas/the environment? Even if the car uses $0 of fuel/electricity, a car isn't going to cost that little for the loan/insurance. I suppose I could buy used, but even then, how much car could you get for $400 a month?


Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 194

Um, I am guessing you haven't ever actually worked in electronics.

A 1200W power supply used to power a 500W system won't be a space heater, it will be more efficient and will last longer. The computer won't magically start pulling more power because the overhead is there, the power supply can deliver 1200W, not always delivers 1200W.

Buy a high efficiency power supply that is over the wattage requirements of your computer (all numbers that can be looked up). you get more from increased efficiency, not from less overhead in the power supply.

Your low wattage power supply working near its max wattage will actually put out more heat, die quicker, and be less efficient than a higher wattage supply.

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