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Comment: Re:Gamechanger (Score 1) 503

by Coren22 (#49595341) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

while heating is often accomplished substantially by on-site combustion heaters, which impose negligible electrical load(typically a trickle to keep the thermostats and other regulatory electronics up; but that's peanuts compared to AC load).

I think the fans in the central heat system would easily use way more power than the thermostats...

I do love my natural gas heat though, I am never cold in the winter, and it costs much less to run.

Comment: Re:Not sure, if this is much better (Score 1) 120

So, what would make you happy? If they need a warrant (from the FISA court) to access the data (just like previously), how is it not abbiding by the fourth amendment?

Would you prefer that law enforcement/spy agencies had to be fully tied and unable to conduct investigations?

Comment: Re:Try again... 4? (Score 1) 222

by Coren22 (#49593603) Attached to: Grooveshark Shuts Down

I'm guessing you have never heard of mix tapes or mix cds? I imagine it even happened in the 8 track era as well, but I don't have experience back that far.

In the middle ages, it was common for music to be shared for free, what suddenly changed to make it so expensive? It has only gotten easier to reproduce music.

Comment: Re:flooding in 3, 2, 1 ... (Score 1) 126

by Coren22 (#49593105) Attached to: Obama Announces e-Book Scheme For Low-Income Communities

Don't let the facts get in your way, but Walmart pays well above minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage will only make the problem worse. When the minimum wage goes up, there are less jobs. How far do you think McDonalds is from replacing their staff with robots? Another couple minimum wage hikes and many manual labor jobs will just disappear. Also, when minimum wage goes up, the costs for needed items rises as well quickly eating up any raises.

What you should really be advocating for a is a basic income.

Also, forget affordable healthcare, we need to just have single payer and get it over with. We pay so much more than all the other countries for health care, without any improvement of outcomes.

Comment: Re:There's a shock... (Score 1) 172

by Coren22 (#49592979) Attached to: FBI Slammed On Capitol Hill For "Stupid" Ideas About Encryption

would have some ideas about encryption that are anything other than technologically cutting edge and fourth amendment compliant

They are asking for something that is forth amendment compliant. What do you expect them to do with a warrant when the device is encrypted? Beg the phone to decrypt itself?

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