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Comment Re:DDoS? (Score 1) 34

Yep, you know, denial isn't only a river in Egypt. You have yet to prove any of the points I made. You continue to try and brute force (DDoS?) until I give up, like somehow that allows you a win? But, you still haven't responded to a single point, only tried to claim victory when you haven't won yet.

Comment Re:Not bad in principle (Score 1) 138

APK, you would have to prove a single point to make a fool out of anyone but yourself, I am still waiting.

Is the sky not blue?
Is APK not annoying?
Are Hosts files useful for anything other than a very small subset of issues?

Until you can prove ALL my claims false, you are just admitting that you are wrong. (this is the attitude you give to everyone else, live by your own rules!)

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 401

Do you often let groups of preschoolers play on a thru street? They should be playing in a park.

Also, what kind of oblivious would you have to be to miss 10 preschoolers playing in the street? A single kid running after a ball from behind a car, sure, but a whole group is quite unlikely.

Comment Re:Most people use remote DNS stupid (Score 1) 600

That post does not refute a single one of my comments, so refute them ALL or admit you are wrong.

The sky is blue
APK is annoying
Hosts files solve a very small subset of computer problems.

I CHALLENGE you to disprove ALL of my statements, otherwise you are admitting that hosts files are garbage!

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