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Comment Re:Dashboards (Score 1) 225

So, you are saying that a NAVIGATION system needs volume controls? It couldn't have anything to do with improving the navigation by having real data from the car to augment the GPS, or replace it in scenarios where you lose signal (GW Bridge, tunnels, also much of NY due to the buildings). There are good reasons to want this data in a built in car system. Even the gear shift position is useful...for turning on a backup camera.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 126

Not even close unless you come up with some other cost to tack onto the fossil fuel generation that doesn't actually exist on people's electric bills.

BTW, those are 2020 rates, not current, so they take into account how much it takes to build the power plants rather than relying on already built plants vs plants that aren't built yet.

Comment Re:SJW Linux v1.0 (Score 3, Informative) 437

Look at the last entry on the first page (might change, so recorded for posterity)

Matthew Garrett - Geek Feminism Wiki
Matthew Garrett (also known as mjg59) is a Linux kernel developer and is well-known in the Linux...

It is very likely that he actually did this because of Sarah quitting yesterday.

Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 437

Choice? Options? These people were going to leave kernel dev anyway, now we get to see them try something new. Maybe it'll work, maybe not, but what's the harm in trying?

The way I read it was thus:
Dev - this Idea sounds pretty rad, here is some code, merge it into the mainline kernel.

Linus - this doesn't fit with the direction I see the kernel going in

Then dev tries to force his opinions on the group, Linus blows him off with hostile language, then

Then come the big DUMBASS moment, the Dev, instead of saying "OK I will build a branch like the mm-kernel branch ETC" and then shows how his code both works with the kernel without breaking stuff and proves that there are real world advantages to his inclusions, but instead screams out " you all are big meanies", then essentially steals a clone of Linus' ball, goes and sets up a "fork" that is completely separated from the mainline kernel devs and feels smug "because he knows better than Linus" what the kernel needs.

Hell, even providing a branch with his contributions on github without all the histrionics would be fine, but that wouldn't get nearly as much attention as whining about Linus " being a big meanie with BSD hatred / envy".


Comment Re:If you haven't you don't belong here. (Score 1) 224

I opened a live box and proceeded to connect a new hard drive to it. I have no idea why. I do not even know what I was thinking. I just opened it up and plugged it in and then plugged in the power. Yes, yes I did blow the power supply.

I am surprised, I do that often with no ill effects, mostly with the more modern SATA power cables though, that could be the difference as they seem to be more designed for powered insertion.

I have done it with four pin power cables though, and never lost a component. I had a friend when I was younger that pulled ram on a live system as it was shutting down, that almost caused my eyes to fall out they went so wide, but didn't cause ill effects amazingly.

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