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Comment: Re:Jail time (Score 1) 411

It is pretty clear cut.

1. She used her outside email for agency business (admitted, and known)
2. She has been out of the office for quite a while now, and they still don't have that pesky backup of the data.

She has broken the law. It is very unlikely she will ever be charged for it, but it is a pretty clear cut law.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 145

by Coren22 (#49088101) Attached to: The Burden of Intellectual Property Rights On Clean Energy Technologies

Would you prefer that Monsanto didn't try to improve the food supply? Monsanto dumped tons of money into developing something, do you believe that they shouldn't be repaid for what they did?

What incentive would any company have to develop things if they weren't guaranteed a monopoly on what they invented? If you can take a couple thousand dollars and reproduce what took them millions to develop, should you be able to sell the same product?

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.