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Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 380

The sky is blue and white, sometimes red or pink.

If you think I am wrong, prove me wrong. The robot to flip burgers was invented, it is just a matter of time until McDonalds thinks automation is cheaper than people. When they decide that, it means half the people are out of a job.

When a machine can make the food, you need one less person. The McDonalds in my area put in a fry machine, now there aren't fry cooks. When they replace the person flipping the burgers, and the people making the sandwiches, that is 2-3 more jobs gone. If the machines are setup right, you don't need the front counter person, because that job is easily automated. The only person you will be left with soon is the guy loading food into the machines, and the maintenance technician.

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 380

Walmart pays more than the federal minimum wage. So if you need food stamps on a Walmart paycheck, it is time to improve yourself and find work elsewhere. $9 now, and $10 next Feb (2016), nationwide, is nothing to look down on. In many places, that is the best paying job around.

Comment Re:Magnetic field and open terraforming not needed (Score 1) 139

If terraforming is your goal, Venus would be a better target. While being terraformed, there is a spot at altitude where pressure is Earth norm, and temperature is livable. The atmosphere also has everything we need to produce CO2, O2, H2O to have a life sustaining habitat built.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's sound about right (Score 1) 228

Well, since the FAA has regulated RC aircraft and manned aircraft for years, and now congress wants them to regulate drones, perhaps someone gave a definition for drone.

That last link has a quotation from an actual bill that congress passed

Submission + - A remarkable number of people think 'The Martian' is based on a true story (

MarkWhittington writes: “The Martian” is a smash hit movie that made $100 million worldwide during its first weekend. The science and engineering depicted was, with certain notable exceptions, near perfect. The cinematography and special effects were so well done that one could almost imagine that Ridley Scott sent Matt Damon and a film crew to Mars to shoot the movie. In fact, perhaps the film was a little too good. Buzzfeed took a stroll through social media and discovered that many people think that “The Martian” is based on a true story.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's sound about right (Score 1) 228

It has to do with how it is controlled.

RC Aircraft are controlled by watching them, they can't go too high, and can't be controlled where you can't see them

Drones are controlled by watching through a remote camera or by GPS waypoints

They are different to the FAA; RC Aircraft already have laws regulating them and have for a long time. Drones fall under a mix of manned aircraft rules and RC aircraft rules, so congress asked the FAA to properly regulate them.

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