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Comment: Re:So... we disproved P != NP (Score -1) 160

by Cookie_Monster_Troll (#33544078) Attached to: How the Web Rallied To Review the P != NP Claim
You not get joke. You try to school jokester on basic logic. You make silly offtopic comment about your beliefs. Then you complain about getting modded down and assume it's because you called yourself atheist? Me think you have persecution complex. Me think you need to get over yourself.

Comment: Re:It is astounding .... (Score -1) 436

by Cookie_Monster_Troll (#28404133) Attached to: Steve Jobs Had a Liver Transplant Two Months Ago
This dumbest thing me see on slashdot in long time. Air free everywhere people live. Nobody have to give it to you. To deprive someone of air, you need to move them out of normal habitat. That violate rights. Me think you being deliberately obtuse. And why you ask "Are you saying that I wouldn't be depriving you of your rights if I took away your right to breathe?" Of course he no say that. If you take away Y's right to X, then you deprive Y of a right. That line always true. That line tautology. You not know logic, or you just not know how to write? Me feel your pain if the latter.

"The algorithm to do that is extremely nasty. You might want to mug someone with it." -- M. Devine, Computer Science 340