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Comment: Re:The Trauma Myth (Score 1) 538

by CookieForYou (#35256862) Attached to: Musician Jailed Over Prank YouTube Video

While I agree with some of your conclusion, be careful not to confuse "abducted" and "abused", because they're far different things.

I think most sexual abuse happens by parents and family, but "strangers" still account for like 5 or 10 percent, which still numbers in the thousands or tens of thousands per year.

Comment: Re:Because things are really analog not digital .. (Score 1) 376

by CookieForYou (#35237848) Attached to: Confidential Data Not Safe On Solid State Disks

As it has been pointed out, modern drives overlap various bits quite a bit and there really is no such residual magnetism. It is below the noise floor of the natural variations in a platter's magnetism.

Some of this research is even from the same guy (Guttmann) who published the technique 25 years ago, but states it is impossible with modern drives.

Comment: Re:Why ICE/Homeland Security (Score 1) 296

by CookieForYou (#35226790) Attached to: US Gov't Mistakenly Shuts Down 84,000 Sites

Because, other than the CIA, they are probably the only ones who's internal policies allow jurisdiction over sites that may have absolutely no presence or activity inside the USA, other than the fact that the Internets are basically based here. The FBI has no jurisdiction for sites hosted overseas, nor for foreign citizens, even if their DNS entry points to godaddy.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Comment: Re:Libby and Cheiney (Score 2) 389

by CookieForYou (#35226384) Attached to: Lawmaker Reintroduces WikiLeaks Prosecution Bill

Well, revealing the information was ALWAYS a crime. This law seeks to make it illegal to "publish" that, which would include the Washington Post (in this instance) as well as several people, including Libby, who "published" it on television.

The "leaks" were from Bradley Manning, just like they were from Armitage in the example. They're seeking to make it illegal to "publish" already leaked information.

It won't pass a constitutional test and is such an absurd knee-jerk, with so many ridiculous implications....

Comment: Re:Not an YRO (Score 1) 634

by CookieForYou (#35168286) Attached to: Teacher Suspended Over Blog About Students

Realistically, good teachers are going to be teaching right over the head of the bottom 10 or 20 percent of the class. Otherwise they're not good teachers.

The class cannot stop, or hold back the remainder of the students for a minority who are having trouble. This one of the myriad issues in American education. The whole mantra of "no child left behind" is a farce.

That said, the teacher was in the wrong posting about it publicly.

So, in that sense, I feel like you are both right, and wrong.

Comment: Re:Problem is.... (Score 1) 210

by CookieForYou (#35154574) Attached to: JAXA To Use Fishing Nets To Scoop Up Space Junk

I think it's more the nuts and bolts and paint chips, and such things (shuttle insulation panels?) travelling at relative 40,000kmh that can really ruin your day.

As someone else mentioned

"JSC debris scientists said the largest ding returned on a shuttle window thus far occurred on STS-59 in April 1994. The ding measured one-half an inch in diameter and was caused by an orbiting paint chip."

Maybe not wrenches, but other such things are seriously dangerous in space, because they never slow down....

Comment: Re:Class Difference (Score 1) 671

by CookieForYou (#35000642) Attached to: The Rise and Rise of the Cognitive Elite

Children from low-income families have only a 1 percent chance of reaching the top 5 percent of the income distribution, versus children of the rich who have about a 22 percent chance.

Anecdotes being what they are....

The US and the UK are relatively unique in this regard in "developed" countries. Those numbers resemble places like Saudi Arabia and African states...

Comment: Re:Class Difference (Score 1) 671

by CookieForYou (#35000592) Attached to: The Rise and Rise of the Cognitive Elite

Social mobility in the US and the UK are the lowest in the modern world.

Correlation between father's income and sons is 10% in Norway, 12% in France, 14% in Canada. In India it is 45%, in the US it is almost 60%. It's around 70% in Saudi Arabia and a few other examples of extreme variations, but the US and the UK are pretty much on par with Saudi Arabia in this regard, even if it's much more undercurrent than on the surface.

Sorry to break it to you....

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