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+ - Mac, BSD prone to decade old attacks 7

Submitted by BSDer
BSDer (666) writes "An Israeli security researcher published a paper few hours ago, detailing attacks against Mac, OpenBSD and other BSD-style operating systems. The attacks, says Amit Klein from Trusteer enable DNS cache poisoning, IP level traffic analysis, host detection, O/S fingerprinting and in some cases even TCP blind data injection. The irony is that OpenBSD boasted their protection mechanism against those exact attacks when a similar attack against the BIND DNS server was disclosed by the same researcher mid 2007. It seems now that OpenBSD may need to revisit their code and their statements. According to the researcher, another affected party, Apple, refused to commit to any fix timelines. It would be interesting to see their reaction now that this paper is public."

Comment: Re:Awesome (Score 2, Interesting) 452

by Constantine Evans (#19410439) Attached to: MacBook Pro Gets Santa Rosa Chipset, LED Screen
If you normally use tapping with touchpads, you should note that the touchpad for the MacBook Pro allows right clicking by tapping with two fingers. The touchpad can also detect three-finger taps, but for some reason, OS X ignores them; Ubuntu, on the other hand, allows full use of the touchpad as a three-button mouse, though the driver is currently rather poor. I would actually almost prefer that the laptop not have the one actual mouse button that it does - it generally just gets in the way and generates spurious clicks when there is the slightest hint of shear force on the frame.

+ - MySpace Not Responsible for Sexual Assault

Submitted by
Common Sense
Common Sense writes "Those looking to cash in after meeting sexual predators on websites like MySpace have been dealt a serious legal setback. The US District Court in Austin, Texas ruled in favor of MySpace in the $30 million lawsuit questioning whether it was responsible for allowing a 13 year old girl to lie about her age and meet a man who turned out to be a sexual predator. Judge Sparks wrote in his ruling that, "if anyone had a duty to protect [the victim], it was her parents, not MySpace." Score one for common sense."

+ - Spyware given seal of approval to be installed

Submitted by smooth wombat
smooth wombat (796938) writes "Just when you thought headway was being made against spyware, along comes TRUSTe which has certified the first ten applications that have passed the certification process for TRUSTe's Trusted Download Program.

From the press release:

"The companies whose applications have passed the challenging certification process for the Trusted Download whitelist are all demonstrating a commitment to protecting consumer privacy," said Fran Maier, executive director and president of TRUSTe. "By completely informing users about the particulars of the downloads they offer up front, the participating companies are increasing transparency and giving control to users."

Some of the software which has been certified includes Coupon Bar 5.0 from Coupons Inc, Crawler Toolbar 4.5.0 from Crawler LLC and Save/SaveNow from"

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