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Comment: Re:I'm tired of Google's power grab (Score 1) 97

by Conspire (#42232877) Attached to: Apple and Google Joining Forces On Kodak Patents Bid

They have really lost their old ways. Before Google was the simple web search company. You used them to find things and that was it. Now they're just trying to grab even larger market share buy playing games with Android. I know a thing or two about search that people either Google or Bing won't tell you. Google is mostly trying to sleaze their hidden tracking and platforms to play the big game. They know they need this tracking to further their services. Not their search service but their ad service. It has been getting more intrusive all the time and it's about time we do something about it. You know what's the newest role in this? Their "AdChoices" tracking platform. Not only are you now served ads on a single page but they actually follow you around! Whatever I've searched for on Google is now advertised me on Slashdot and all the different websites I go to! Google also has secretive deals with NSA, CSI and FBI. They have gongressman that are willing to step in for them. They played their way in to all the government agencies. They have absolutely no shame in doing this. They've started to play around with patents and are using every possible way they can do further their own goal. I can't understand why you people defend Google on Slashdot. Yes they might use open source but only because it suits their model better! They don't care about your privacy and in fact they're largely the reason why you're losing it. Yes they're mostly free services but only because it's fueled by HUGE, and I mean HUGE, tracking platforms that sends EVERYTHING you do to Google. They are single handedly the web's LARGEST PRIVACY VIOLATION AND YOU SUPPORT THEM? Hell, at least with Microsoft and PAID software I know I'm not losing my privacy. You might not care about your own privacy but I still do. And who will Google use it's new patent portfolio against? Microsoft and Apple, the two companies that don't leak all your stuff all over the internet!

Can I sort for the highest Troll scores? It seems that that is the only way to see something useful here! Really, a thread like this gets a troll?

Comment: BS (Score -1, Troll) 290

by Conspire (#41311299) Attached to: Zuckerberg: Betting On HTML5 Was Facebook's Biggest Mistake
I call absolute BS. There is no room for FB on the mobile. Why do I need FB on my mobile? If it is the fastest, snappiest and most elegant app on my phone, I won't use it because looking at other people's endless drivel (which is all FB is) is something I don't need to be doing while on the road.

Comment: There ya go. (Score 1) 497

by Conspire (#41285027) Attached to: Scientists Say Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You
From the article found here: Over the last several days, the mainstream media has fallen for an elaborate scientific hoax that sought to destroy the credibility of organic foods by claiming they are "no healthier" than conventional foods (grown with pesticides and GMOs). NaturalNews has learned one of the key co-authors of the study, Dr. Ingram Olkin, has a deep history as an "anti-science" propagandist working for Big Tobacco. Stanford University has also been found to have deep financial ties to Cargill, a powerful proponent of genetically engineered foods and an enemy of GMO labeling Proposition 37.

Comment: Who funded this study? (Score 1) 497

by Conspire (#41284671) Attached to: Scientists Say Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You
Is the the study that I just read about a couple of days ago, funded by Monsanto? Somehow that would not surprise me. What I know is this: 1. GM fruits and vegetables that are sold on shelves in the US have significantly less taste. Significant is probably an understatement. Grow a garden and plant organic seeds and try it. The difference is night and day. 2. 9x% of GE seeds are modified to be sterile. Yes this protects the GM versions from mixing with nature (although this is unproven to be 100% effective). And more importantly this creates an eternal need for farmers to buy your seeds, and allows for what some would call price fixing.

Comment: if it was China (Score 2) 488

by Conspire (#41032579) Attached to: Cables Show US Seeks Assange
What I find intriguing is if Assange had published China state secrets and cables the US would be most likely be providing him with asylum and trumpeting "China oppression of free speech" and "China crackdown on international research dissidents", etc............ It is sad when international laws are broken by a state to make an example of one person with the intent to scare the rest of humanity into blind submission.

Comment: Re:Love fb (Score 2) 346

by Conspire (#40970379) Attached to: Facebook Faces High-Level Staff Exodus
FB did not change my life. FB did not change anyone's life that I know of. FB is a major number pumper. I guess at least 20% probably a lot more of the "active accounts" are fake.. Even more so are people that only use it to look at pics grandkids sent them. FB is run by a guy with zero scruples. FB entire strategy relies on them selling your personal data to advertisers in one way or another. Should be called "FaceCrook" FB is a major fad, yet slowly running out of steam. When the real attrition starts, it will deflate quickly and like many on this thread state "will become a news site" I don't know anyone who "loves facebook" anymore. I'm surprised you are so behind the times and so in love with it!

Live free or die.