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by clonehappy (#47277749) Attached to: Chinese Vendor Could Pay $34.9M FCC Fine In Signal-Jammer Sting

So now I guess I can expect a knock on my door from a couple guys with no sense of humor that drive a nondescript sedan with black wall tires.

Nondescript sedan with blackwall tires? Weren't those the days...

Howabouts a no-knock raid on your next door neighbor's house (since the jackboots can't be assed to get the house number right in most cases) where they shoot his dog and break his grandma's nose with the butt of the rifle for telling them to fuck off?

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by clonehappy (#47277723) Attached to: Chinese Vendor Could Pay $34.9M FCC Fine In Signal-Jammer Sting

Ever heard of a Stingray? The police have been using them like hotcakes all over the country. The feds even went as far as to raid a police station who was going to release a FOIA request about their use. Long story short, they emulate a cell phone tower and trick the "target" handset into connecting to it. It's a hardware MITM over the cell network. Highly illegal, violates a number of laws and FCC regulations. Of course, those are perfectly fine since it's the power elite using them against YOU. You want a cell-phone free zone in your museum or church? PIRATERRORISM, of course.

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by clonehappy (#47254317) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

Putting a cable box on the sequencer is a bad idea. Almost all STBs will lose all of their guide data, which can take hours to repopulate, in addition to taking forever to boot up. Occasionally they will even lose their subscription information if you are out of town/country for a few weeks. I wouldn't recommend it.

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by clonehappy (#47254225) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

You can't read well. I just spelled out, in a post you replied to, exactly what the switched-AC passthrough port that is on the back of many STBs was originally designed for (which was for powering on an old-fashioned CRT television set). No, modern DVRs like TiVo probably DON'T have them (they also aren't rated for 500W), but many of your Motorola/GI/SA boxes DO in fact, have the switched power passthrough on the back. Stop trying to stir up bullshit.

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by clonehappy (#47253569) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

Which is it? 500 watts or 35 watts? This summary and title are completely ridiculous, I can think of plenty of other things that are using more power in my home than a cable box. Refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, hair blow dryer, desktop computer, television, central heating/air conditioning, range (if it's electric), power tools/garage, home theatre system, the list goes on and on.
The reason the "500 Watts!!!" is disingenuous, is because many cable boxes have a switched outlet that allow you to plug in a television set to the back of it. Back in the good ol' days, you could click on the cable box and the TV would turn on as well, if it was plugged into the back. That CRT might draw as much as 500 watts, so that's what it's rated for. With the advent of universal remotes, electronic controls in sets that forget the last power setting and the need for constant power to keep settings and "quick-on" for many sets, this is now an antiquated port that's just a hold over from the olden days of cable TV.
The STB might be the 2nd biggest energy user in many homes, but I wouldn't bet on *most* homes.

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by Connie_Lingus (#47253051) Attached to: Time Warner Sells Telecom Business to Level 3

This might be good for consumers, but recently Time Warner (and Comcast) won awards for consumer hatred."

and thus...the sell-off-slash-rebranding.

that's all this is, of course...when a brand as big as Time-Warner start being reviled by its customers, it's simply "time" to hit the ctrl-alt-delete and reboot things.

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by clonehappy (#47195575) Attached to: Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow?

It's simplistic on purpose. Because as far as the general public and people who are loyal to the Constitution, rather than the secret police, are concerned, he gave us concrete evidence that we're being systematically denied our basic human rights by the wicked authoritarian regime that's risen to power out of the dark depths of the intelligence community and that's all that matters is that we are getting fucked.
I guess I could expand my analogy to say that not only is the husband a womanizer, he's also a slimy scumbag with a history of questionable activities, murder, and shady business deals. So to cross him, you'd better be ready to go all in. At that point, you can't just stop with telling his wife how she's getting fucked, you tell everyone he's fucking the whole world over what he's up to.
Otherwise you risk opening yourself up to his wrath. If Snowden just leaked a document or two about the light, fluffy things the secret police are doing to the public, he would have faded into obscurity and then permanently "disappeared" by the powers that be. You know what I mean by that. His only choice was to leak every, single document he had and keep himself in the public eye in order to keep safe.
    Again, was it right? Possibly not, again that all depends on where your priorities lie. If you are the general public, you aren't real concerned with what the spooks are doing overseas, you care what they are doing to you right here at home. I'm just explaining why everyone *does* think he's a hero, just as the wife in my "simplistic" analogy above probably wouldn't care too much about how her murdering scum husband's dirty laundry was aired, neither does anyone care what happens to the NSA at this point.

Comment: Real easy to see what's going on here... (Score 5, Insightful) 346

by clonehappy (#47195053) Attached to: Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow?

Imagine a hypothetical situation:

You are cheating on your wife, and have been doing so for some time now. A good friend of hers finds out about what you're doing and tells your her. At this point, people are going to be pissed off at one of two people. People loyal to you are going to be pissed off at your wife's friend for ratting you out. People loyal to her are going to be pissed off at you, and see your wife's friend as a hero. That's just the way things work. So you can always tell where someone's loyalties really lie by determining whom they are pissed off at.

In this situation, the secret police/military complex/power elite/establishment is effectively screwing over the general public and the Constitution (the highest law of that land, for those that are unfamiliar), and has been doing so for some time now. Someone finds out about what they're really doing and tells us. At this point, people are pissed off at one of two people (or groups of people). People who are loyal to the secret police/military complex/power elite/establishment are pissed off at Snowden for ratting them out. People loyal to the general public and Constitution are pissed off at the people screwing them, and see him as a hero.

I'm not trying to scream "shill" to every person who wants Snowden's head on a pike, but you'd better believe that any prominent figure who is crying traitor day in and day out in the public media, well, you know where their loyalties lie is all I'm saying. It's not too hard to figure it out.

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Get an unlocked phone with a removable SIM card (which excludes anything Verizon sells)

Stop repeating lies. Every modern Verizon phone sold in the last 3 years has a removable SIM card. The last 5 Verizon phones I've owned (iPhone 5S, LG G2, HTC Rezound, RAZR HD, Galaxy S3) were sold SIM unlocked with GSM/HSPA world capabilities. Most even work on AT&T/T-Mobile here in the USA as well. Just because Verizon *used* to sell crippled CDMA-only hardware doesn't mean that's been the case in recent history. The Verizon devices are actually the best ones to get nowadays, as they are the only carrier selling factory unlocked phones and are compatible with Verizon AND every other GSM provider in the world.

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The Europeans are playing 'cat and mouse' with a gorilla - a very smart gorilla, I might add. Regulating search engines is the most obvious way to attack this issue at a centralized point, but as you've pointed out the data will still be out there on one or many more other loci; only now it'll take more effort to identify all of the places where that data exists.

you put what i was trying to say in a much more eloquent way than I...bravo...i couldn't agree more.

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hate to burst your utopian-bubble, but the last time i checked, in world history Government has caused, roughly, about a bazillion times more pain and sufferings than any corporation could ever even begin to conceive of.

i can't get my head around this "trust the government" meme..."government" is nothing but a group of busybody people (yes the same type of people who work in corporations, and at taco bells, and everywhere else btw) who crave power and use personality and politics, NOT merit or compassion, to secure their base and influence and really care much less about your personal miseries and stresses then the typical corporate executive does.

its bad business to anger and kill your customers, governments rarely care about that sort of stuff, esp. they get in the way of maintaining their power over you and your life.

at least corporations have to compete for your blessings, and can pretty easily be displaced.

Comment: this issue really hits a sore spot with me.. (Score 2) 224

i just do not get this.

as someone who battles on a daily basis with the sins of my past ( nowadays even women i try to date run criminal background checks ), i don't see how this effort is going to really help anyone.the way they think it is.

there are all sorts of FREE sites that dish the public information that these people are trying to block Google from aggregating, and the moment these privacy invaders realize Google no longer is a valid source for getting the info their paranoia craves, they will find another site that does.

you are living under a proverbial pre-interwebz rock if you think this Google opt-out form is going to prevent the people are are interesting in screening and snooping from learning things from your background like felony convictions and such.

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