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Comment: well of course (Score 1) 38

by Connie_Lingus (#47253051) Attached to: Time Warner Sells Telecom Business to Level 3

This might be good for consumers, but recently Time Warner (and Comcast) won awards for consumer hatred."

and thus...the sell-off-slash-rebranding.

that's all this is, of course...when a brand as big as Time-Warner start being reviled by its customers, it's simply "time" to hit the ctrl-alt-delete and reboot things.

Comment: Re:this issue really hits a sore spot with me.. (Score 1) 224

The Europeans are playing 'cat and mouse' with a gorilla - a very smart gorilla, I might add. Regulating search engines is the most obvious way to attack this issue at a centralized point, but as you've pointed out the data will still be out there on one or many more other loci; only now it'll take more effort to identify all of the places where that data exists.

you put what i was trying to say in a much more eloquent way than I...bravo...i couldn't agree more.

Comment: Re:Credit rating databases aren't new (Score 5, Insightful) 294

hate to burst your utopian-bubble, but the last time i checked, in world history Government has caused, roughly, about a bazillion times more pain and sufferings than any corporation could ever even begin to conceive of.

i can't get my head around this "trust the government" meme..."government" is nothing but a group of busybody people (yes the same type of people who work in corporations, and at taco bells, and everywhere else btw) who crave power and use personality and politics, NOT merit or compassion, to secure their base and influence and really care much less about your personal miseries and stresses then the typical corporate executive does.

its bad business to anger and kill your customers, governments rarely care about that sort of stuff, esp. they get in the way of maintaining their power over you and your life.

at least corporations have to compete for your blessings, and can pretty easily be displaced.

Comment: this issue really hits a sore spot with me.. (Score 2) 224

i just do not get this.

as someone who battles on a daily basis with the sins of my past ( nowadays even women i try to date run criminal background checks ), i don't see how this effort is going to really help anyone.the way they think it is.

there are all sorts of FREE sites that dish the public information that these people are trying to block Google from aggregating, and the moment these privacy invaders realize Google no longer is a valid source for getting the info their paranoia craves, they will find another site that does.

you are living under a proverbial pre-interwebz rock if you think this Google opt-out form is going to prevent the people are are interesting in screening and snooping from learning things from your background like felony convictions and such.

Comment: how can software decide (Score 1) 255

by Connie_Lingus (#47050173) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Robotic Competence

...when people have been struggling with the Trolly Problem for 50 years now, with still no real success?

we should all just understand that their are certain ethical problems that simply cannot be reconciled with logic, and then just assign randomness to the outcome and be done with it.

kill the kids, kill the driver? flip a coin and good luck.

Comment: it boggles the mind... (Score 2, Insightful) 99

...that right now, in the midst of the NSA security nightmare and all the angst and FUD it's causing, that people are wondering why individuals are not deciding to throw their often-sensitive data into the cloud.

how could anyone think their data will be or stay safe, given the various threats that we hear about on almost a daily basis?

timing is everything (besides location of course...and sex appeal...and everything else) in life, and right now is not the time for cloud computing.

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