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Comment: Re:Except that isn't what happened. (Score 1) 488 488


"Childs claimed he never intended any harm, but did not trust his superiors with the passwords. He eventually gave the passwords to then-Mayor Gavin Newsom in a jail cell visit"

1.5 million to teach them how to type "joshua"? Seems exhorbitant.

Comment: Re:Fuck... (Score 1) 144 144

There are some pretty inexpensive ways to do this (grid cards) so like the article you linked, I don't buy cost as an excuse. Of course I did take a photo of my buddy's grid card once as a joke, but at least it isn't personal data I could harvest from his facebook page which most of those bank questions are. If people are willing to carry a "bonus" card for every flipping retail establishment in existence, they should be willing to carry a card to keep their money secure. And I can't believe that the added cost of the security wouldn't pay for itself in the long run.

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