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Comment: Re:Apple has JUMPED THE SHARK (Score 1) 172

by Conanymous Award (#45473919) Attached to: Cupertino Approves New Apple Spaceship HQ
And the iPod was launched, what, six or seven years before the iPhone? And we all remember the reaction to it here...

People nowadays expect Apple to 'invent' something revolutionary every goddamn year and say stuff like "they don't seem to be inventing anything new or creating any new markets". My point is, they weren't that busy with it before either. And they very rarely invent in the proper sense of the word, even though they do innovate.

Comment: Re:Siri is 'the next big thing'? (Score 1) 800

by Conanymous Award (#37996774) Attached to: Siri Gives Apple Two Year Advantage Over Android
Clearly we must live in a different social setting, never seen a custom cover (the actual casing of the phone to be precise) on an Android phone. And there are many of those in my circle of friends. Maybe they're popular with teenagers. Protective covers was all I found at dealextreme, and you can get those for iPhones as well.

Custom ringtones and logos/wallpapers have been around for over a decade. There's nothing new about them. It's a huge stretch to call them "killer features" in 2011. As for stock ringtones, I still hear the Nokia tune many times per day, and the owners of those phones are aged anything between 20 and 100. Some people just don't care.

Comment: Re:cannibalizing? (Score 1) 504

by Conanymous Award (#34372140) Attached to: How Apple Had a Spectacular Year
"Why wouldn't you release the iPhone, a beefed up iPod + phone service, which gives you much larger profit margins, and having everyone who bought an iPod upgrade for a significant extra outlay? I'm confused."

Exactly. Not releasing the iPhone because of fear of iPod cannibalization would be the conservative, traditional decision. But Apple is bold enough to recognize the fact that eventually somebody would make a product that's better or 'hotter' than the iPod. So why wouldn't Apple make an iPod killer itself?

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