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Comment: Re:What Bankruptcy Means (Score 1) 448

The problem will never by solved by any plan which requires increased taxes because the federal government has never shown any inclination to apply revenue generated by increase taxes to debt reduction. New taxes always go to new spending.

Not only are you moving the goal posts, but you are using provably untrue assertions to make your case.

Whether a country is bankrupt or not depends on its ability to control its deficits. If the deficits are "small" and well managed, then economic growth and modest inflation can take of the long term debt.

The HBush and Clinton tax increases were a big help in bringing the US into the black for a few moments, it just took some years to do their work. You should look at the world as it is, not as you remember it in 1978.

Comment: Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875

by Comrade Ogilvy (#47204233) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

There has been only ONE societal factor that has been found to satisfactorily correlate with the reduction in crime (see the movie Freakonomics, and that has been widely disputed.

Incorrect. The better explanation is reduction of childhood lead exposure. The correlations are extremely powerful, and map nicely down to the timing of lead reductions in individual states/provinces even in different countries.

So your claim that there is no major of model to explain reductions is simply wrong,. The lead theory works even in other countries where the dynamics around guns are very different from America. This apparent effect completely swamps the wiggle the pro- and anti-gun camps like to argue over.

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by Comrade Ogilvy (#46994365) Attached to: Oil Man Proposes Increase In Oklahoma Oil-and-Gas Tax
He also knows that for larger projects to fulfill promises made to investors, he must keep to schedule. To keep on schedule, he needs a reliable source of skilled labor. If the state is viewed as a craphole, workers with families will not lay down roots, and his best employees with flee when offered a few pennies more somewhere else.

Comment: Re:Oil Man wants more money? (Score 1) 182

by Comrade Ogilvy (#46993973) Attached to: Oil Man Proposes Increase In Oklahoma Oil-and-Gas Tax

What is going to happen next is that Oklahoma will spend money on roads that the oil industry uses and services that will make the state a palatable place for oil workers with families to live, thereby creating a reliable supply of skilled employees. New drilling projects become more reliably on time and on budget, thereby reducing the effective risk.

The competent oil men whether the 5 year projects overrun budget and take 7 years to complete, because deliveries are always late and their best employees have fled to Canada. The tax being discussed is a rounding error, in context.

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by Comrade Ogilvy (#46953553) Attached to: Single Gene Can Boost IQ By Six Points

Also, those with higher intelligence tend to reproduce less.

Only in the rich world of today where we confound intelligence with university educations, thereby delaying children during a span of high fertility. That is surely a recent trend. Intelligence correlates with general health, especially in a more rough and tumble world of uncertain nutrition. Above average intelligence is a wonderful positive indicator for mate selection.

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A big part of the problem is we are hooked on viewing nuclear power as a space aged ego gratifying source of electricity, just like Captain Nemo had. There are probably lots of good uses of a cylinder that gets dropped into a concrete sleeve in the ground providing simple very hot water.

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by Comrade Ogilvy (#46863553) Attached to: Google Using Self-Driving Car Data To Make Cars Smarter
Re #2: People do die from complicated and badly marked construction zones from human error. Happens all the time. So the computer does not have to be 100% to be vastly better than a human. Having the humility to slow down, instead of the human pride that causes us to drive hard forward in the face of uncertainty, will be a huge advantage to the computer program.

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by Comrade Ogilvy (#46759211) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt
Yes, you can overtly accept debt when accepting assets, but you cannot take on stealth debt by accepting assets that appear to be free and clear when the estate is closed. That is a blatant violation of due process. If the IRS failed to give reasonable notice to the estate of the intention to attach a lien on assets, the debts are gone. They are creditors. Creditors who do not act in a timely manner when an estate is closing or a corporation is being liquidated are simply SoL.

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Umm, no. Read some actual historians who have done the research. The reason there is this popular myth of early marriage has to do with selection bias -- most marriages in medieval times that we have records for were aristocratic marriages, and their goal was less about love or even children than about cementing alliances, so they could happen at ridiculously young ages. Common people often didn't bother to get married at an actual ceremony (and certainly not recorded) until after the Reformation. Anyhow, a number of historians HAVE found records and accounts to look at marriage age in NON-aristocratic marriage (which was the majority of marriage), and they have found the GP's account to be roughly true -- median age for women marrying was early 20s... until just the past couple centuries. I believe the youngest median marriage age for women was somewhere in the late 19th or early 20th century. Look it up.

We should take your data here and apply it to the topic on hand, then. The cultural norms of the time required Muhammad to have many such aristocratic marriages, for the purpose of cementing alliances. In the context of the time, across nearly the entire globe, Muhammad's behavior was not unusual for a man in his position.

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There are certain ambiguities, because the competence of the average officer does not seem to gel with the seeming extreme ultra-elite status of Starfleet Academy depicted in some episodes. And part of the problem is the graduating classes seem far too small. It is possible that there are many routes into Starfleet, and the Academy is the fast track towards command positions. The best way to rationalize this may be that Starfleet Academy is like West Point -- not every officer in the US Army went to West Point, but it helps a lot if you want to make the grade of Colonel or General.

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